Thursday, 28 June 2012

Instagram Step Up

Instagram has taken a big hit on the world of smart phones. Celebrities, artists, fashion companies, everyone is instagramming, not only to create beautiful photos, but as an interesting marketing tool. 
So its no wonder they've created apps to take it one step further, making Instagram style photos, but using frames, so the user can create a picture using several different ones. 

There are three popular apps that provide this at the moment,  Diptic, PhotoShake and Picframe. They all do roughly the same thing, just in a different format. 
I bought Picframe (£0.69) from the Apple app store, and its made instagramming so much more fun!

You might have seen I've already used the effect a bit on past posts, the best bit is, you don't have to post the photo straight to instagram, you can save it on your phone, or even share it on Facebook or Twitter instead. I was sold!

Below are a few examples, from me and other users!

 Learn more Instagram tips and tricks here.


  1. all the photos are lovely! nice blog! definitely need those trick!



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