Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ta Ta For Now

My blog is becoming more and more about nails, but I'm going away on holiday for a week tomorrow, so this is the last post for a while anddd all I have to post is my holiday nails!

Again using the spongey gradient technique (addicted!). My dad, of all people, said they looked like a tequila sunrise, which I thought was quite nice. 

We're now working on creating cocktail nails. Basically gradient nails the colours of cocktails!

I also did my friends nails, she wanted a sunset palm tree theme. We were going to do palm trees on every one, but thought this looks nicer.

I don't have any features or guest posts..
So guys, have a lovely week, I'll certainly miss doing posts!

Here is a nice picture to love you and leave you!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Have you seen Svpply?

Svpply is a website which endorses products you love from the companies you know (or don't) and lets you browse them all!

A lot like Pinterest but with just apparel/home products, all unique and beautiful! It uses the same 'follow' system as twitter and Pinterest. But instead of 'pinning' things, you 'want' them, with the 'want' button, the product then appears on your profile for others to see.

There is also a 'buy' button which links you straight to where the product is from so you can buy it yourself.

But be warned, if your like me, no money, then don't enter this website. I have got so down by not being able to buy any of the stuff I'm lusting after. 

You can also add your own products from your own store, or sites you love like ASOS and Etsy to appear on your profile to show off your own style for others to see.

They have a Shop with special hand picked products from the team.

The site can also connect to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest. 

I'm currently working on getting a Svpply widget for this blog, so you can see what I've 'wanted' and be connected straight to my profile to have a browse.

I've put a few of my latest 'wants' below.

Judging by the amount of followers, its clear this site is new, and not widely known. 

It's an american company, which is quite annoying at times for us brits, although most products are available in the UK, some are exclusive to the states. 

So I'm hoping by putting the site out there more, the company will expand and make a UK version!

I recommend checking out this website, you wouldn't believe the amount of beautiful things you'll find on there.

You can follow their blog here.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Proper Gradient Nails

So I said I was going to try gradient nails with a sponge, and here is the attempt! I'm much more pleased with it than the last time! It looks a lot more gradual and the compliments and queries have been flowing!
So here's how I did it. 

I did a trial using these colours first. 

Rolling it across the nail as straight as possible.

Dabbing with an ear bud to make the colour stronger.

Once I was happy with the technique, I wanted to try with different colours.

And decided on the different shades of blue.

I found as I did it, a good tip, once you've rolled it over your nail once, don't wait for it to dry, roll it over again straight away, as close to the lines on your nails as poss.  This makes the colours graduate and merge into each other better, leaving less clear lines, which is the desired effect.

And there you have it!

It is messy but its all part of the fun! Once the residue is cleared off, your left with a cool effect that leaves everyone asking 'how did you do that?!' 

Best Dressed for Less No.4

Alessandra Ambrosio's Style recreation

I love Alessandra Ambrosio's casual summer nautical look here. How can someone with such a simple style still look so good?! I recreated this outfit with high street picks including accessories, I personally love the misguided sunnies!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Home-made Foils DIY

First and foremost, apologies for my feet, I know they are disgusting, but I thought I'd share this post with you anyway!
You've probably all seen the nail foils that are about at the moment, hundreds of patterns available to stick straight onto your nails without any trouble! 
But I thought I'd try with actual foil. Yes, kitchen foil. 
I simply cut a small bit off a roll, and stuck it on the first two nails (the rest were too small) using clear nail polish. It might work better with nail glue, but after letting it dry and putting another coat on top they seemed to stick well!

I then drew around the foil with my liquid eyeliner and coloured in the rest of my nails a bit, so they didn't feel left out. 

Here are the colour, liner and polish I used for the effect!

Gradient Nails

I've been wanting to do gradient nails for ages but they look so hard! I found an easy way to do it, maybe not the best looking effect, but I intend to try other techniques soon! 
There are 2 ways to do gradient nails - one with a sponge and one without.
I did this effect without a sponge.
I didn't take photos whilst I was doing this, but I used Youtube tutorials, so I've put a few below!
I had just bought No.17 silver, so I used that with No.7 glittery black over the top to create a galaxy themed look.
I put a crackle top coat by Barry M on both ring fingers to break it up a bit.

This is the opposite way to do it, looks much more effective!

Hope you like them and give them a try! 

ISWAI favourites

Recent tweets about new designs for this brand, It Starts With An Idea, got me intrigued and then inspired to do a post about it. 
For those who don't know, this is Caggie Dunlops' clothing label. Known for her role in Made in Chelsea, as well as her flawless edgy style, its no wonder her brand reflects her look. 
The concept behind the brand is expressing your own style and being who you are. 
Young talent will be showcased in the products which reflect the brand. Combining inspiration and innovation to create a beautiful collection.
Thats what makes this company so different to other fashion brands, and why I love it!
Casual tee's with interesting, artisitc guest designers prints and  jewellery with a unique touch are the main focus of the products.
Below are a few of my favourites from the label.

This is a very new company and I can't wait to see more from them!

Check out their blog Here
and Follow on Pinterest Here

All images taken from the ISWAI website and copyrighted to 
Copyright © ISWAI Ltd 2012

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Guest Post for Bel et Bien

Hey guys I recently did a guest post for Bel et Bien.
A really cool blog by two young irish girls.
 I have followed them for a while and am always intrigued by their creative DIYs and style tips.
You can look at my Festival Tops DIY post HERE. 

Hope you like what you see! 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

DIY Tribal Shorts

My beloved levi shorts were on their last legs, so I decided to give them a make over. 
This trend is is popular this season with H&M anD Topshop having both done denim shorts with tribal accents.

I had loads of paint left over from my textiles days,  so after researching a few aztec patterns, I got to work painting. 
I used acrylic and fabric paint, so I daren't put them in the wash until I find something to seal it onto the fabric! 

I started off with a few stripes. 

I then started adding a few patterns. 

I did it on the front and back pockets. 
And here is the finished result! 

I teamed them with a small black waist belt and my urban outfitters aztec bag which I got in the sale last year. 

I think I'll save these for the only festival I'm going to this summer.