Thursday, 21 June 2012

Summer 2k12 playlist

I love listening to music in the sun, and although its not particularly sunny, I have a few holidays coming up, so I thought I'd share a few tunes that I love listening to during this season. It's a bit of a mixture, and theres pretty much something there for everyone. I am not one of those people that listen to artists that no one's heard of or really 'out-there' music or even amazing DJ's that only the cool kids have heard of, give me The Vaccines and Nicki Minaj any day. There some old, some new, some classics, and a lot of them remind me of past summers which really have been the greatest of my life so far. 
So sit back, have a listen and hopefully you'll pick up a few that can make it onto your summer play list!
I easily have a list of about 50 songs here, so I'm going to cut it down to my favourites. 
Starting with M.I.A-Paper Planes, 
 This has to be the ultimate summer song for me, its such a classic, and it never fails to please.

Alex Clare - Hummingbird

I'm sure a lot of you have heard his new song 'Too Close' but I just love this song even more, really relaxed and feel good, excited to hear more stuff from him. 

I'm no music critic, I can't use the right terminology and I don't know the inspiration and inflection of these songs, so I'm going to state the obvious. 

The Drums - Let's Go Surfing

This is a classic video, and this bands are like a modern day Beach boys, and this is an awesome tune to bop along to. 

Forget Primadonna Girl, Radioactive from Marina and the Diamonds was released last year and it's such a good summer song, a dance tune mixed with the Marina's voice is a perfect combo. 

I'm a lover of old music, my iTunes is filled with them, but this has to be my favourite, and believe it or not its a great one to get everyone out of their seat, especially at a family summer do.

The Beatles - Twist and Shout 

Not to everyone's taste, but Holiday by Dizzee Rascal takes me back to Reading 2010, so many amazing memories that are all brought back with a little help from this song. 

A couple of Dubstep tracks now. Again, not to everyone's taste but if it is, then Sunlight Hurts My Eyes from Modestep is a classic. 

Also released last year, but back on the radio for this summer is Skrillex's Bangarang, I love blasting this out whilst roaming the streets in my tiny car. 

A calm tune now, Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats, you might recognise from 'Scrubs', I saw this live at a festival 2 years ago and I've been in love since. I doubt I will but it would be amazing to be able to play this on guitar. 

Bob Marley - One Love

One of my dad's favourite songs, takes me back to childhood summers, running around on the beach at dusk, such a feel good, relaxed song.

Again, saw this at a festival a few years back and it's stuck, such an unusual voice and melody, but perfect for a hot day. 

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead 

Another weird one, also saw it live, such a good festival tune. 

Basement Jaxx - Raindrops 

This is a really powerful song, only become popular in the last year, Awolnation - Sail. 

This reminds me of a clubbing holiday last year, Memories by David Guetta feat. Kid Cudi is a classic.

This new track from B.O.B is a bit hit and miss with most but I'm hooked. 
Both of Us, featuring Taylor Swift.

Such a huge track last year, this song will forever remind me of going out at University. 

Mama do the Hump - Rizzle Kicks 

I'm not particularly indie, but I just adore this quirky band, The Vaccines can do no wrong but this is my favourite, and some of the lyrics were the inspiration behind one of my blog title idea's, Norgaard. 

I think that's quite enough for one day, although my playlist could have gone on forever with The Kooks - shine on, One D - what makes you beautiful (shameful I know!) Beyonce -End of Time, Ben howard - Move like you want, Rihanna -Cockiness, and many many more I'll leave you with something recent from Florence and the Machine. I love this, Spectrum. 

If you have any summer songs that your loving at the moment, just leave a comment below!

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  1. It makes me wanna go on a road trip! Nice playlist!


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