Monday, 27 May 2013

BINTM Insta-Model Competition!

As we all know, Britain and Ireland Next Top Model starts back up again very soon with season 9, and to celebrate this, Sky Living have made an insta-model competition in which 3 challenges will be set, you enter any or all and see if you win! This can be done on Instagram or Twitter and the winner of one challenge will win a Tresemme goodie bag, howeverrrr if you are the overall winner, decided by the public, you and a friend will be pampered in a weekend stay in London!

The first challenge is POUT, a chance for all the duck face selfies to be in full whack. 
This challenge is Dannii's and lasts from today at 12pm until next Monday June 3rd, all you have to do is hash tag #BINTM and #pout in your picture, so get pouting girls! 

This is taken from the Sky Living website: 

"Entrants will be judged on the extent to which photos they have submitted demonstrate they have responded to the challenge with enthusiasm, creativity and imagination. The image should feel fun, playful and have good composition. "

I found this quite interesting, it kind of adds to the challenge! 

I don't know about you, but I'm definitely going to give it a go! May even post my entry on here, but don't hold your breath!

I can't wait to see the first entries and if you want to take a look at the comp, here is the link:

In the mean time, here are some famous pouts to get you all inspired, good luck girls (and guys!)

Thursday, 23 May 2013


 I haven't done one of these for a while, but here are my most recent instagrams.
The first is my gas bill from today. Its 2p. Sorry what?!
Then a funny tbt from back in the day, playing around on my balcony, modelling, with a spear... as you do.
Then my lovely OPI red apple shade, I left this colour at home whilst at Uni, so it was nice to get back to it and try it on again.
Then a lovely picture that I drew when I was younger, such a talented youngster. Nat.
I went to the dog races (protesters step aside) for my last night in Manch, it was a fun night and a good send off.
The next picture speaks for itself.
Then my uni building, which I will actually learn to miss.
My glitter pimp skeleton, who has been with me since my first term at Uni, I couldnt throw him away, so gave him to some friends who have another year left.
You've all seen the last picture, its from my summer ball.
And there you have it, some of the weirdest and most random pictures around. 

Summer Outfit


I always like playing around with mood boards, and this is an outfit I made, which I like, and hope to be wearing soon when the sun finally shows up. 
The dress is from Cow, which was my all time favourite shop in manchester. You can access their website here. It's one of those shops where all the stuff is vintagey and thrifty and it smells like your nans attic, and you feel like you've stepped into a macklemore/house indy convention, and I love it. 
The bag is from Boohoo surprisingly, I love the tapestry fabric pattern and it reminds me of a bag I bought from urban outfitters years ago and still love as much today. 
These items are pretty full on pattern and colour, so the rest is fairly simple. 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Golden Twenties

Oh look, another post about the twenties because of The Great Gatsby, shock horror. I know I'm being a sheep here, but I did see the film the other day and I did love all the costumes. The way Baz captured the era was perfect, he really hit the nail on the head, and it made me kick myself a little for not getting into costume design as a youngster. 
Flapper dresses, dropped waists, feathers, frays, hats, headbands, pearls, it was all there and now its all here, on the high street that is. It has even sent a surge of shoppers trundling the rails for the styles in whats known atm as The Gatsby Effect, selling out lines in Debenhams, George, New Look and Miss Selfridge. 
Me and my sister have loved the art deco era for a long time. Every time its someones birthday or a special occasion we pop into clintons to buy those cards that look like pictures or magazine clippings from the time, sad but true. I have wanted a cloche hat for about 2 years now and managed to find one but by the time I had the money for it, it was gone. But the point is, this era was beautiful, decidant and I'm so jealous of those who got to experience the styles first time round. They are clearly a classic if they are showering our shops again, or are the designers just running out of ideas? 
Either way, here is some twenties outfit inspo. 

The Twenties

P.S Leo was as stunning as ever and every time I watch him I remember crying when I was 6 years old because I couldn't marry him. Yes, I just told you that. 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


I had my Summer Grad Ball at the Hilton last Saturday, so naturally thought I'd share the experience with you all.
It was a glamourous evening, with a glass of free champers on arrival, a 3 course meal, and a D-Jay to finish off. 
Being on a fashion course you can only imagine the parade we were expecting, girl after girl dressed to the nines. Some with loubi's, some carrying Chanel, and the not so subtle stares from head to toe, with a "what does she look like?" or "that dress does NOT suit her" to follow. 
Yes, it was bitchy.
My dress was from ASOS, it was a bargain I thought at £55, however having sent it to Jersey by accident (home), and my Mum having to send it back here, it got a nice VAT charge, which I was fuming about! 
I had my hair highlighted, and curled it myself (v.proud) and did my nails (below) and did my make up using my Benefit 'Primpcess" kit. 
I even wore heels! 
All in all it was a lovely send off, I even had a dance with my finance teacher!

Below is a mood board of the accessories and things I used for the night.