Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Best Dressed for Less No.9

The Court

I decided to kick off my 'back to blogging' saga with a new Best Dressed for Less, because not only have I not posted one in a while, but with all the excitement of fashion weeks happening, there are a host of juicy best dressed celebrities to choose from. I haven't focused specifically on one muse this time, as I noticed amongst basically EVERY celebrity that each were wearing court shoes. I have never seen this before, in all of my 8 best dressed for, meaning this trend is a bigg'un, its huge, and it can be worn a million and one different ways. This is even greater news for all you tall folk out there like myself, as the court doesn't pack much platform, and has a relatively low heel, depending on which you pick, and can be placed with any outfit and bought on the cheap! Aces all round! 
So I made two outfits, one casual, one dressy. One inspired by Olivia Palermo walking her pooch there, and the other is just something I liked. I love the pop of colour that these courts can bring, and the jumpsuit could be mixed with some bright pumps but I just loved the mesh on the black ones!

So if you're hitting any fashion events for this coming season (like coming soon to explain) make sure you're strutting around in a pair of these, you literally have no excuse not to (unless you hate them, of course). 

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