Sunday, 29 November 2015

The perfect phrase for a pressured mind.

These days it’s hard not to feel pressure to succeed. From social media making it easy enough to see anyone we can think of achieving great things, from fitness to celebrity worship and beyond.
Generation Y is known for this pressure, it’s what has birthed spikes in social anxiety among this group, as well as depression, a heightened level of selfishness and technology readily available at our fingertips making it that much harder to avoid.
I stress myself out so much thinking that I should’ve done much more with my life by now that I came up with a phrase to help me. I then wrote about it and submitted this to the popular well-being website The Elephant Journal.
I have read and loved the articles on this website for over a year now so it’s a pleasure to be published amongst the writers I admire to an audience of over 10 million per month. If you have time, I recommend checking out a few more of their pieces, full of inspiration and advice.
My piece is called The Perfect Phrase for a pressured mind, and you can read it here: