Thursday, 30 August 2012

Best Dressed for Less No.5

I love Jessica Alba's casual summer outfit here, I love the draping blouse and the contrasting blazer but keeping a neutral theme. 
I've created two outfits with similar products at very different prices. You can re make this outfit at a fraction of the price, a bargain at £191! 
I especially love the sunglasses from

Hope you like it! 

Jessica Alba- Best Dressed for Less

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Hello Kiko

Hi Guys,

I'm in Spain and as my family know about my nail addiction, my auntie thoughtfully showed me this Italian cosmetics brand Kiko. They have thousands of colours for only £1.50! Not only that, they have loads of make up and cosmetics for really good prices too! 

They have everything from concealer to blue mascara and their moto is 'be who you want' which is quite nice.

Below are a few of my favourites from them and the colours that I bought. 

Something I've never seen before to test nail varnishes is putting out cellotape for the customers to tear off, put on their arm or hands and paint some of the colours on to it to see what they look like, really good idea.

I've seen crackle before but not in wacky colours, so I got two to try out.

This says magnetic but its metallic pink, a cool shiny silver affect mixed with the colour.

And these three bold colours. I got some shades that I'm missing from my collection at the moment to make it a bit more complete. I really love the orange.

And here are a few of my favourite make up bits. 

Glossy Eye Pencil  
Soft Focus Compact Wet & Dry Mineral Foundation

Sunproof Powder Foundation 

Blooming Eyeshadow Palette

Super Colour Mascara 

Lip Glaze

Smart Lipstick 

Skin Evolution Concealer

They always have special offers going on but the only shop they have in the UK is in London Westfield. They have a UK website but I'm not sure about the delivery charges. 
Anyway I think its a great international brand and I hope they bring more stores to the UK soon!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Daphne Groenveld is 16?!

Ok, I was originally going to do a post about Daph because basically she's my new girl crush after seeing her in the Dior Addict advert. 
After that I kept seeing her face everywhereee, obviously in magazines or blogs, not the street.
Then when I did a bit of research and found out she was SIXTEEN?! I not only now hate her (jealousy) for being absolutely stunning and successful at such a young age but also a bit disgusted with myself.
How can someone look like that at 16? HOW?! 
When I was 16 I had acne, a missing tooth, and no sense of how tall I was so I hunched over, a lot.

This Dutch gem has such unique features she's caught the eyes of Vogue Korea, Vogue Russia, American Vogue and Vogue Italia. Dior, Roberto Cavalli, Calvin Klein, Anna Sui, to name a few! 

She's been nicknamed the mini Bardot, understandably.

She doesn't even need to pout, its just there all the time.

I am in awe of her, and although this post may sound a tad bitter (over-exaggeration is a weakness) this girls looks are inspiring to the fashion world.

So here are some photos of her to make you all feel as bad about yourself as I do, 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Julian Hakes Mojito Heels

This is my love of the week, strangely found by my mum, a wacky one off design which was never even meant for the fashion world.
Julian Hakes has been kicking up a storm in the blogger network recently and if you don't already know who he is or what 'mojito heels' are, here is a little bio. 

He started out as an architect, but posted a rough draft picture of these heels on a design blog, where they went viral. 
After millions of views, plenty of baffled stylists, fashionistas and bloggers were scratching their heads over these futuristic pumps. 
Agencies got in contact and a model wanted a few pairs for a fashion show.
It soon dawned on Hakes that he might actually have to manifest these shoes into reality, and fast. Fashion waits for no one.
After 2 years, the design has been tested and perfected to create the sleek, elegant and light heels and his first collection was born!

Definitely designed for the fashion bold, I think these would be a pair that even Carrie Bradshaw was weary of, however they are an innovation into a new shoe generation and I think I speak for most of us when I say I wouldn't mind trying on a pair!

To find out more visit

Marc Jacobs Nails

So I've recently had a bit of 'Nail Block' (like writers block, but with nails). Nothing has inspired me at all, and if I'm planning on starting to sell these nails, the designs need to be innovative and different. 
We've all seen the tribal nails and dotty nails, they're just not cutting it anymore!
So like any fashion student, I turned to Vogue for help.
I have absolutely no clue why I didnt do this before!
Prints are so big in this upcoming season, so by looking at all the pre ready to wear collections, the inspiration for nail designs was screaming at me!

I started with these, inspired by Marc Jacobs Pre Ready to Wear collection, of which there were many other interesting patterns, these ones stood out and they were simple to put onto nails. 

I know I havent got quite the right green colour, but I still love the contrasting bright colours.

I even put it onto a fake nail and loved the result, contemplating putting this design on my etsy shop when its up and running, what do you guys think? please comment below if you like it!

Its pretty obvious which one is the fake nail here.

 So if you too are stuck for a bit of design inspiration, turn to the people who do it best!

I'm currently working on more designs from 3.1 Phillip Lim and ALICE by Temperley.

Photos taken from