Monday, 16 September 2013

Indonesia In Pictures

I wanted to do a quick post about my amazing trip to Indonesia.
I really hope the pictures give some idea of what its like there. 
After a bit of trouble with the friends I went with, I went off on my own, met some great people and had such a fantastic time. By the end, I didn't want to leave.
I would now recommend travelling to anyone, there is no better way to really experience a place than when you're with travellers like yourself, visiting new places, exploring and enjoying the culture.
We started off in Kuta, Bali. This had to be the craziest place I've been. Scooters, cars and people fill the tiny roads of Poppies, a complex packed with shops, bars, hostels and restaurants, as well as young people from everywhere you can imagine. Kuta beach is close by, and the nightlife is everywhere, so if you like chilling by day and partying by night, this is for you. I think a week there was enough for me, the hectic streets and constant crowds got to me, so we organised a day trip around Bali. We visited Ubud, the main cultural place, where there were temples and monkey forrest. Soon after, we all went to Gilli T, a small island of paradise just a short boat ride away. No cars, no scooters, just beaches, bikes and horses. It was so chilled out here, and so beautiful. There were only two main bars which became packed each night. The snorkelling was amazing, and we cycled round the island. Chilling by the beach all day, then listening to the live music in the reggae bar with a few cocktails at night was the usual routine. 
We headed back to Kuta for a couple more nights out before I had to leave. 
I would definitely go back, or at least stop over on my travels through the rest of Asia. 
Fun, new experiences mixed with rich culture and stunning places just make this place a great place for any traveller. 

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