Wednesday, 11 September 2013


I am going to do a separate post about my trip to Indonesia, but I've still got loads of Instagram photos over the last few weeks to update you all on! The first is of a new outfit I bought after my very long trip back to blighty, I love the giraffe print top and I was dying for some new jeans (both Topshop). The tan loafers were an absolute find in Primark at just £12! 
The next is a roast I was served in the hotel I was staying at. My first proper english meal in 3 weeks, it couldn't have tasted better! 
My nails for my holiday. These falsies had lasted since my graduation which was about 3 weeks prior! I used my new matte top coat to finish off the design.
The next few are from my trip to Cayman in July, the mug was at my aunties house (where we stayed before our flight). She has loads of them with sayings on but I somehow always end up with this one! love it! 
As I was eating my cereal that morning, one of her cats stared at me the entire time. I gave in and gave her a cheerio, or two. 
Just one of the amazing sunsets we experience out in Cayman, they definitely rival that of my hometown in Jersey! 
Me and my sister went out a few times while we were there, and considering most of the tourists and residents there are American, we got native and played some beer pong! Turns out we were doing it wrong.
The next photo has to be the most spectacular photo of a sunset I've taken so far, with a bit of editing I must admit, but still pretty amazing! Every time I show someone, their reaction is "wowww". 
Blackbeard's vodka, the stuff of pirates and rather lethal at that. 
This lizard was a friend of ours, he hung out by the pool every day and we called him Yoshi. He even jumped in and came swimming with us once. 
I love this key ring I bought out there. The whole ethos of the island just seems to be this saying. Its so chilled out and everyone is always happy, I bought this to remind myself to be the same! 
And finally, my little sister went to Turkey shortly after Cayman, I've been before and therefore know all about the fake goods they import there. I asked for a Mulberry purse and this is what she got me, its so beautiful I almost can't believe its not real!


  1. Cute selection of photos.
    That roast dinner looks delicious and so does your mulberry purse!



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