Tuesday, 26 June 2012

17 Lip Stain Review

The other day I bought some Lip Stain by 17 in Berry Crush. After having run out of my free sample of Posie tint by Benefit, I had to opt for a cheaper option, and this was the choice. This lip stain has two sides, one to stain the colour onto the lips using a brush, the other is a balm to give it a shiny glow. 

I picked what I thought was a light colour to suit my skin colour, however when I brought it home and tried it out, the colour was much darker than I anticipated and maybe me look a bit like a transvestite, never good!

I also thought the applicator looked good in the shop, but again when I got it home, and tried it, it felt like I was colouring in my lips with a felt tip pen. 

However, after applying evenly and putting the balm over the top, the product stains the lips for up to and including 3/4 hours, which if wearing for an occasion isn't bad, not having to constantly re-apply. 

However the cons out weigh the pro's in this case, and although it was reasonably price, I haven't yet found anything better than Posie tint! 


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