Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Best Dressed for Less No.6

I haven't done a best dressed for a while, so when I was flicking through the vogue gallery, I simply couldn't decide on one!
So, Who do you prefer? There is two outfits from Alexa Chung (always popular on the best dressed list) one casual oxblood outfit and a smarter pretty lace dress in pewter. Olivia Palermo in her day to day best, keeping it baggy with a jumper and shirt teamed with shiny black leggings and flat boots. 
And last of all there's Jade Williams sporting the turtle neck crop top trend with a pencil skirt in shades of grey, and some killer Jimmy Choos.
All of these have been replicated below for a fraction of their designer price. Theres something to suit you all! 

Best Dressed of the Week

Saturday, 27 October 2012

New from Stray Nails

For those of you who havent seen or heard of the sister blog to Stray Closet, Stray Nails, here's a bit of background. I post regularly about Nail Art, with designs, tips etc. So if you love painting your nails as much as I do, if you dabble in nail art or if you want to have a look at my designs, you can do so here! If you like what you see, don't be afraid to follow on GFC so you can track my updates as soon as they're up! 

Friday, 26 October 2012

My New Mulberry Del Rey

Yes, here she is! Anyone who knows me, knows that this is the most ultimate gift anyone could buy me.
Reflecting on the last post, my Dad left the greatest present till last, and I'm not ashamed to say I cried!
Now, I'm not someone who gets given bags worth £800 everyday, so I'm going to bore you all with pictures of every little detail of this gorgeous leather specimen! 

A few weeks ago, my sister discreetly asked me which mulberry bag was my favourite, and which colour I liked best. Naturally I replied, the Del Rey in Oxblood (they call is Black Forrest). Its amazing they managed to get the right one really! 

I spent a good 15 minutes inspecting her, even the bag!

I have only taken her out of the house (or even bag for that matter) twice so far. If anyone comes near it  I immediately whip her away from them, which means I end up doing a crazy dance in crowded areas. But hopefully I'll get a snap of me out with her soon!
She also came with lots of other little mulberry goodies including this little mulberry monster, some stickers, and a card thanking me for the purchase!

Anyone who said luxury wear is all about the experience is (in my opinion) wrong, if you love the brand, you'll love the products enough to appreciate them without going into the store, although I understand the satisfaction one must feel!

I know its sad getting excited about everything to do with this, but like I said I love mulberry! Even if it is going slightly down the toilet in the business world...
I have never been more grateful for anything to feed my materialistic, high maintenance, fashion crazy mind! 
This bag will never go out of style in my eyes. 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

21st Birthday Weekend!

The birthday blues are upon me!
Last weekend it was my 21st, and it was truly the best birthday to date!
My family came up to see me in Manchester, which meant I got to wake up in a hotel on the day, had a leisurely morning and then went to town for a shopping spree with my mum. She bought me my birthday dress and a few other goodies (including those velvet shorts I was coveted a few posts ago!)
Then I went to meet my dad at the Hilton, where my little sisters and my cousin surprised me which was so nice! 
Followed by more amazing gifts and a stunning meal at Australasia.
Below are a few pictures from the day!

This is the dress I wore before the meal, part of my stud obsessed collection!

My beautiful sisters and cousin, I cried when they popped out of the wardrobe!

My sister bought me this gorgeous vintage pendant from 1880, and she put these adorable photos inside!

We all shared this bottle with some strawberries!
I also got 2 more bottles of champagne as well as chocolates! 

My friend baked me this cake! 
It was amazing!

And then I was given this one by my housemates!
So much cake! 

My Auntie gave me this Pink Vodka with gold flakes in this personalised bottle, so nice!

This is an awful photo but this is the dress I wore on my birthday night out. 
It's one of the brands in Topshop, and I wore it with an urban outfitters belt.
My friends from home all came up for the weekend from around the country and gave me this lovely pandora charm.

I was well and truly spoilt! 
But the best part I am going to save and write an entire post on because (although materialistic) its one of the most special things I have been given!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Style Nibble

Here's a Stumble Upon discovery, Style Nibble. 
Ever wondered what your exact style is? Style Nibble can help. 
Just take their quick style test and voila, you get an instant email telling you your style, the brands recommended for you and your celebrity matches. They got my style more or less spot on, I would love to look lady like all the time, but it doesn't always turn out that way! Heres what they wrote... 

Not sure about the brands, I'm not saying I don't like them, just can't afford them!

You can also click to see what the stylists have picked for you. 

Take the quiz here!

Friday, 12 October 2012

She Wore (blue) Velvet

I remember going into school to the Christmas party wearing my special black, velvet sequinned dress. 
It's a classic wintery fabric. (yes, winter!)
And this season is no exception.
Velvet is in abundance on the high street with the addition of the oxblood colour trend, their a perfect match, resulting in some beautiful fuzzy pieces!
Below are a few of my favourites. 


The inspiration behind the title was the lovely Lana's song Blue Velvet. Featured in the new season H&M advert which she is currently endorsing. 
I am mad for this song, its so mesmerising, could listen to it all day.