Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Graze Craze

You might have seen these little boxes around, I'm a bit behind with the craze but I recently jumped on the Graze box band wagon. If you haven't already heard of them, their a small company producing healthy, natural snacks, which are posted to you every week in a little box. With a choice of 4 nutritious selections out of hundreds, its part of the fun when opening the box to see what goodies await inside. 

They have plenty of offers and deals which make receiving these weekly treats all the more tempting. Your first graze box is half price, however if you know someone who's already bought one, they should have a voucher for you to get the 1st one free!

After creating your account on the website, you can then go through each of the snack boxes and choose which ones you don't like, to make sure you'll never receive them in your Graze.
If you decide you really like a particular snack after you've tried it, simply click the 'love' button, to ensure you'll get it more regularly! easy peasy! 

Below are all the yummy goodies I got in my first Graze Box. 
My particular favourite was the 'very nori-sh' crackers, spicy japanese rice crackers with seaweed bits! 

Each box aims to provide you with a few healthy snacks to get you through the day when your feeling peckish at 'biscuits-o-clock', if your feeling tempted simply reach into your box and nibble away!

If you fancy signing up, you can do here 

They have been featured in Grazia, Tatler magazine and many more, they are the perfect stylish snack!

Happy Grazing!

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