Monday, 11 March 2013

Company Fashion Forum!

As soon as I saw this advertised on my FB newsfeed, my ticket had been bought 5 minutes later.
For the past year or so Company has fast become my favourite mag. 
Unlike others, it focuses on the reader, making the connection between you and the industry stars, to reinforce that we CAN make it, and showing us how.
I'm so so excited for this event taking place at Manchester Uni on the 18th of April. 
As I'm quite a shy person, I am already ringing around to see if I can drag anyone with me, but I will happily go on my own for such an amazing opportunity to rub shoulders with the experts I so greatly admire and only dream to work with (gush gush). And the goody bag and bubbly is obvs a bonus.
This ticket is £27.50, and seeing as I'm already living on rice and soup, I had to dip into my savings, but I know it will be worth it! 
And of course the only question on my mind right now is, WHAT THE F*** AM I GONNA WEAR?!
Here are a few of my favourite outfits from last years event in London, a post without pictures is not very narce! 

If anyone is going to the Manchester event, please pipe up and let me know, would love to meet some of you! 
(I'll be the six foot awkward blonde one in the corner no doubt.)

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Hi Guys, here are my instagrams of the week! 
My mum came to stay in Manchester this weekend and bought me this zebra print dress from Primark, I love it and it was only £18, if I'm feeling brave enough I'll wear it out soon. 
I decided to do some random nail designs, I love the little tuxedo. Will definitely do them for my grad ball in summer. 
I went out after using my new hair rollers in my last post and I love how my hair turned out. 
A picture of me for throwback thursday/flashback friday, 3 years old wearing a rather fetching cardi! 
I love these pop art nails that I did from my WAH nail art book. 
I also tried some neon nail varnish which turned out really nice, and bang on trend. 
I had an interview at abercrombie and they wanted natural hair and make up, so I tried my best!
I love this trio of bracelets that my mum bought me, also from primark, great for summer, and I will definitely be wearing them in the Caribbean next month. EEK. 
I did these metallic nails with an aztec design and a diamond design, which got around 40 likes, which is a lot for me! 
Me and my mum went to Blackpool whilst she was here, it was a great day out and there are just a few shots from the day.