Saturday, 12 July 2014

London Fashion Interns

Hi Everyone! I've been taking a mini break from Stray for the past couple of months, getting to grips with my new job, enjoying summer, but most importantly I've been working on a brand new project called London Fashion Interns. 

LFI is a community to come and share your internship experience with others or read about other peoples experiences in fashion internships. The day to day tasks, the ins and outs, in order to let others discover what being a fashion intern is all about. There are thousands of fashion companies and hundreds of different job titles within each one. Interning is a right of passage in most companies, therefore knowing what each one entails, how to get by and get the best from yours is a great way to get where you want to be with ease. LFI can also act as a support system for struggling interns. It’s a very competitive industry to be in, especially being paid next to nothing. Reading about other interns, knowing you’re not the only one struggling, how each person is coping and the option to contact each other is a great way to make it a bit better for everyone.

The idea for LFI came about in a rather simple way. Before starting my internship at Vivienne Westwood I wanted to do a bit of research to see what doing an internship there or in PR would be like, having never done an internship before. After browsing for a good hour on the web I found nothing, and LFI was born. 

A community website where people can share their internship experience with each other.  For those wanting to learn about the fashion industry, for those who’ve never done an internship before and for those who may want to branch out into different fields but don’t know much about it, this is the place for you.

We've already had a few contributors including fashion bloggers, Katie Meadway from and Essy Park from on their experiences as fashion Interns. If you would like to read about them, head over to

We are also looking for more contributors to talk about their internship in fashion. You don't have to be a blogger, or even live in London, but if you've done a fashion internship, we would love to hear about your experience! It's so simple to apply, simply head to the 'Get Featured' on the site, fill in the form and send it back to us via the email: and you'll be on the site for all to see within a few days! All we ask is that you share your post on your social channels to help us spread the word. 

We're very excited about this project and we hope to speak to some of you soon!