Friday, 30 March 2012

Wear Britain

The Queens Jubilee and the Olympic hype is hitting the high street. Now is the time to be proud to be British! Special events like these only come around so often, so of course we have to do what we do best and celebrate in style! Its the Royal wedding all over again with shops such as Primark, Next, New Look and Selfridges stacking the shelves with Union Jacks! Events like these don't happen in an instant, so its no wonder fashion has taken a patriotic hit! The usual gifts are knocking about, wigs, umbrellas, mugs phone covers, but if you don't want to dress head to toe in Rule Britannia, here are a few kitschy gadgets to really get into the English Spirit!
Alexander McQueen Clutch
Henry the Hoover

Are they clogging up the shelf space? Or should our stylish selves grit our teeth and purchase a lovely maxi length flag dress?
Let's face it, no one pulls off the Union Jack like Made in Chelsea's Ollie Locke.
 So roll out the Bunting and tea cakes because this year it's all about Britain!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Summer Hibernation

It's that time of year when the birds start singing, the leaves start growing and we loose an hour in bed. The breeze is becoming warmer which means its time to hang up the jumpers, the big boots and put away the umbrellas (until Aprils Showers).
For me, this is especially hard as I am having to wave goodbye to my (fake) fur coat. Bought on ebay for a meer £60 (I was ecstatic!) this acrylic mink beauty has seen me through two good winters, and being a classic winter coat, hopefully many more. 
The timeless fur look, when worn right, makes a person just look and feel glamourous. Practical and stylish, this coat has been with me through the best winter memories, suffering its fair share of rips and tears. 
The thing I love most? Even after a hefty few dry cleaning sessions, it still has that musty, old smell, which, odd as it is, I just love!
So I guess its good bye my bulging fur friend, I will miss you! Hello tribal shorts and aviators!
(Outside the Manchester Christmas Markets)

What Fashion Winter Loves are you saying goodbye to for summer? 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The 'Wall of Fame'

Apologies for not posting in a while. Uni, work and socialising hasn't left me much time to blog! The past few days I haven't had much to do, so this means I have been able to lazily wake up at godly hours of the morning and just think in bed for a few minutes, these moments are made better by my precious 'Wall of Fame' (Above). A memorial of favourite photos taken over the past few years that I can look at and remember as being the best of my life so far.
If your like me, and you would rather spend your money on those new shoes than a poster, or a fellow student unable to rip down the damp dreary wall paper and exchange it for some Laura Ashley floral prints then here is a great decorating tip for you! 
Do you have old photos lying around in albums, or stashed in a file on your desktop (most likely, being the 21st century) simply print them out and place them strategically, or even creatively intertwined with drawings, around your wall to really enhance it with memories you love. 
Apologies for the mess that is my room! Below is a small notice board filled with child hood and family photos which I have also added to with concert tickets, and various bits mainly from nights out!
But printing out photos is so expensive isn't it? Actually no! With a bit of site comparison research, I managed to find a great deal by signing up and getting 99 prints for just 99p. A bit of Advertising here, for those UK readers, I used Snapfish. They are always doing great deals and if you find a good offer, some of their products make really nice gifts, such a a calendar for Mum or even a canvas to add to your 'Wall'. For you international readers, i'm sure there is an equivalent near you out there!
I have even been cheap enough to gather free flyers and postcards from around campus to add to another wall decoration, including some great vintage vogue cover postcards (a gift from my sister) which I add to all the time and it looks interesting! 

So why not try it? There are so many possibilities with this idea. Something a bit different in terms of interior design, a chance to be creative and you can share your precious memories with everyone who walks into your haven! 

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Saving the Planet, one Tee at a time

Do any of you worry about the planet? The eco-system, saving the polar bears, global warming, we get this shoved down our throats 24/7. But I have to admit, ever since 'The Day After Tomorrow' and the dawning of the end of the world, the thought of it all ending does scare me slightly. So how does fashion come into this? Well I'm always wondering what I can do to help save the world, I'm not saying this is going to stop a meteorite, but its a start. 

In aid of climate week (who else knew this was happening?!) Katherine Hamnett has designed a t shirt which will be displayed in selected H&M stores from 12th March. With 'Save the Future' printed onto them, they are 100% cotton, produced using low carbon and just £9.99. Not only is this good news but 25% of the profits will go towards the 'No Place like Home' campaign for the Environmental Justice Foundation. 

When reading about the cause, it's pretty heart breaking, as Director of EJF, Steve Trent says, "EJF is working to get the voices of those most vulnerable to climate change heard internationally, with the goal of securing a legally-binding instrument for their recognition, assistance and protection. By buying the Climate Week t-shirt you can help support EJF’s work protecting some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.” 

The campaign also has a few celebrity supporters under its belt, including The Vaccines, Roisin Murphy and Sunday Girl modelling the tee.   

This t-shirt just shows what a massive impact fashion could have on the climate. With more campaigns like these, a difference could really be made, it's just a question of getting involved. 

Makes a statement, saves the planet, and it goes with those pastel jeans you've just bought. Buy it, and Save the Future, I know I will. 

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Love for Mulberry

Last night me and my fellow fashiony friend, Kirby, attended the Mulberry event at Spinningfields, Manchester, after entering a competition through Grazia Magazine, to celebrate the launch of the new Spring/Summer collection, and I must say it was a celebration indeed! 
Pink champagne with floating raspberries was handed to us on entry, and already the scene was a bustling mixture of luscious bags, stunning waiters in candy aprons and many many safari balloons. There was a 'day at the seaside' theme to tie in with the collections inspiration, which included a grab machine with jewellery goodies and cute mulberry teddies, which Kirby managed to nab (one of a select few with the right grabbing technique!). A flipper book booth was also causing much excitement, which gave guests a chance to dance around with inflatable animals and the 'Oooh' mulberry glasses for 7 seconds, the frames then get printed off and made into a flip book! One of the many free goodies we walked away with as well as our very own balloon, (above, can't see my face but I'm happy!) canvas bag filled with mulberry postcards, a stick of mulberry rock, the latest issue of Grazia, £50 voucher, look book of the new collections and assorted make up gifts!
Unfortunately one of the free goodies we didn't walk away with was the mulberry tan satchel (£1,100) from the tom-bola prize draw, it was free to enter and one lucky girl got to take it away! A combination of this as well as Mini fish and chips, hotdogs, and ice cream tubs as the choice of food really topped the night off! I can safely say I will definitely be entering another Grazia comp for a guest list event, thank you Mulberry! x