Monday, 25 February 2013

Babyliss Thermo Ceramic Rollers

So in honour of the oscars (sort of) I decided to full on try out my new heated hair rollers. 
I think its hair roller rule number 1 that you should do this on clean hair, and since mine is a day old, it came out a bit squeue-whiff, buttt I am going to try it properly again soon (hopefully this week) with clean hair, so I'll upload a few shots of it then. 

Awful box picture. 
I bought these because I had £10 to spend at Argos with O2 moments (great for free stuff too) and as I already had my eye on some of these, I took the opp and bought them for £19.99 instead of, yup, £29.99!

The rollers come in three different size, of which I havent worked out my favourite yet, I think its the medium though. It also comes with clips and pins for every size, which are obviously handy. 

Sorry you can't see them well because of my nice brown carpet. 

My hair is uber thick and long, so I would of preferred more rollers but I made do by doing it in halves. 
I would also suggest that although the manual says heat them up for around 10 minutes and keep them in for 10 minutes, if your hair is anything like mine, keep them in longer. 
The effects last longer and you get curlier curls. 

Here is my very messy roller head. 

And here are the results. 
The photos don't do it justice, it actually looked fairly normal, except the bottom curls just went out straight away. 
I will just have to play around with the different sizes and styles and how to put them in.

It's been a long day hence the baggy eyes but I liked the curls on the right side here. 

All in all they are average. I need to test them out a few times and actually go out in them to see if the style lasts but I wouldn't of paid £29.99 for them, sorry babyliss! 

If anyone can give me some tips on how to use rollers better, please comment below! 
Thanks guys!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Things I Fancy

I was introduced to Fancy by a friend. I initially downloaded the app, and after trying out the website version, I personally prefer tapping away at it on my iPhone, however, each to their own. 

Fancy is as quirky as Etsy but with similar functions to Pinterest. 
You can look at what you think you would be interested in by choosing categories, then your free to fancy what you want! 
Everything you fancy is then available on your own profile to share and even buy! 
Above are a few awesome things I fancy'd which reflect my own personal style I guess! 
So if you're always looking for new ways to procrastinate, like myself, I suggest you take a look, its free to download which is always a bonus. 

Monday, 18 February 2013

Indonesia Inspo

Indonesia Inspo

I'm going to Indonesia in August and I cant wait! 
With all the S/S new season stuff coming in I'm getting loads of inspiration for holiday outfits already.
One item I'm seriously lusting after is this dyed Kimono with tassels from Internationale which is £22 and I love it! 
Could just imagine slipping it on over a bikini and shorts after a lush day at the beach. 
Might just have to invest in this one. 

Instagrams Of The Week #1

Instagram is a great way for us all to dust of our frontal lobes (creative part of the brain) and delve into amateur photography by adding an arty filter to a seemingly dull picture of what you're having for dinner. 
Don't get me wrong, there are some beautiful/funny/interesting pictures on there that astound me whenever I visit the 'popular' page. 
However it's also quite a snappy way to get a sneak peak into the personal lives of bloggers, and find out what other sort of loves are in their life apart from the mirror selfies of the outfits we adorn ourselves with.
So, like many others, I have decided to start an IOTW (Instagrams of the Week) as a regular post on here, so you guys and gals can see what I get up to.

Above is my inebriated pouting face, wearing my new Topshop Lace Crop and Pleather skirt with studs from Hearts & Bows.
Below is when I went to visit family in Peterborough at the weekend and the snowy mountains of the country as I travelled on the train. Its weird looking at this now as its so sunny!

I got this ear cuff from River Island for a mere £3.00 and was testing out to see what it looked like. I'm a bit unsure still but at least my tragus piercing is finally starting to heal. 
The other is my very messy jewellery table including my new neon necklace and stud turquoise triangle earrings that I got in New Look's BOGOF offer, both came to £7.99! 

I thought this was quite funny, clearly too drunk for even autocorrect to understand. 

We went out to a Destiny's child night in one of the Manchester clubs which was so good when this photo was taken. I hate how you can clearly see my bright orange ear plugs because of the wretched tinnitus I have. 
Easter is no where near round the corner which means all the eggs and toys and especially the MaltEaster bunnies are in the supermarkets, and naturally I'm genuinely considering buying a year's supply of these.

My arsty toilet photography of my friend at another night out. I don't have a drinking problem, I swear!
The nails were in honour of Valentine's day, although I'm a bitter singleton, the endless love posts were too much to bear and I gave into inspiration. 

And finally I have this picture on my wall, and feeling sentimental one day and missing my dad loads, I decided to share it, and I love the added filter. Miss these days!

If you want to follow me on Instagram, my username is: emilyrodgers18.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Ombre Amigo

Ombre Amigo

Ombre, gradient, dip dye, whatever you want to call it, its sweeping the streets for S/S 13 and I couldnt be more excited about this trend, except I already have an inkling its going to be overused and get a bit sickly sweet by the end of the season, but lets just enjoy it for a bit. 
Getting really stuck into the 90's trend (a popular pastime for nineties kids was dying bedsheets cushions etc. for all you noughties out there), it started with nails, then went to hair (seriously considering it myself) and now (quite rightly) its all over the clothes. 
We've seen it a bit this season, but the look just doesnt scream winter, which is why its really hitting hard now with the 'new in's.
The bright colours and endless combo's of styles and hues gives great potential for some fun DIY's of which I hope to get involved in Easter when I'm back home in my craft room. (Check out ASOS marketplace for some cool ones in the meantime.)
As well as this, the newest edition is tie dye, which is following suit with the gradient trend.
Here is some mood board inspo above, the shorts and flip flops are making me more excited for some summer sun! 
This easy to wear, retro casual look is going to a big'n this summer, I can already picture the instagrammed festival looks featuring it!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Tan in a Can

I got this new 'tan in a can' by Glotanz the other day so I thought I would do a quick review. 
I've done a self ten review before for Vita Liberata, and although I don't use the stuff much its always useful to compare and contrast. 
This one is a bit different to the rest. 
Its a straight spray on tan. 
This can seem to be a bit tricky because the key to tan is making it even and not streaky, but I found the wetness (ew) of this made it easy enough to spray on. 

This was the difference in the colour of my legs after spraying it on one.
Can you tell which one? 
The difference is subtle yet sunkissed and that night I went out baring my legs to the world (my incentive for trying the self tan) and I have to admit I was loving the compliments! 
I'm quite a tanned/olive skinned person anyway so for me it just looked like a few sessions on the sun bed, without the added cancer risk, so I will definitely be doing it again until the sun starts to reappear. 

One thing I will say is, don't spray too close or else this will happen! 
I would also recommend a mitt to just smooth it out, especially for this leg! 
I didn't have one at the time and ended up using kitchen roll (typical student) and got some very orange fingers! Definitely a self tan newbie!

 The above is the end result and below is the result just a few days after, and I have to admit, there is no difference! The tan has stayed well, despite washing every day (obvs) so I'm pleased and hoping it will last another week or so!

(Apologies for my horrible knobbly knees!)

You can have a peak at all of Glotanz products here!