Monday, 26 November 2012

Christmas List

I know it's only November, but I made my Christmas List a few weeks ago! Only because this year, I actually know what I want! I'm usually one of those annoying people, who when you ask 'what do you want for christmas?' they reply 'I don't know really'. We all know them. 
Soo here it is, my list of seemingly regular and fairly average goodies I would like to find in my santa's sack!

Christmas List

I'll start with my No.7 Protect and Perfect Night Cream. I've previously done a post on this cream about 8 months ago, giving it a good review. It is so great for the skin and its only just run out! ... a perfect reason to put it as a stocking filler! 
I've put quite a few beauty gifts down this year. Including some mac make up and brushes. A fragrance set, and some nail varnishes (of course!) preferably Chanel or OPI, as these are way too expensive for my budget!
I recently received a pandora bracelet for my birthday so I thought a christmas themed snowman charm would be cute.
No stocking would be complete without a few things to fill up the days, so I've asked for a couple of DVDs, The Hunger Games and Magic Mike, my two faves of the year! As well as a couple of books, a student cookbook (I left mine in my old house, and I need some more cooking inspo) and the 'Fuck, I'm in my twenties' book from UO. Exactly how I felt when I turned 21!
As well as a few other bits and bobs...
They recently got some new iphone cases in Topshop and they are gorge! UO also has some cute ones. 
A cloche hat, very on trend, very wintery and I've wanted one for yonks. 
As well as a lovely picture frame for a bit of room decor. 

I'm sure I've put more on my list for Santa (mum) but I can't remember! You get the gist!
And as we all know, Christmas isn't about the presents, but us fashion divas need to be prepared! 
Have you written your list yet? 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Best Dressed for Less No.7

I know I havent posted in yonks, sorry guys! University calls, the work load has been hectic!

This best dressed for less is an easy one. Rihanna dressed like a bin bag, a lollipop and pratically naked except some camouflage. 
SJP slumped down to jeans and a cardi to pick up the kids.
 And Miranda Kerr continued to floor us.
Precisely why shes the chosen one for this weeks BDFL. 
She stepped out into New York with her son Flynn in Balenciaga, Acne, Tabitha Simmons boots and a Christian Louboutin bag. If you want to re create this to a tee, that would cost a hefty amount.
So here's how to re-do the look at a minuscule price, enjoy! 


Blomming is a site in which users can buy or sell their products from your own little shop. 
This is like Etsy, you might say. Well, this is where you wrong.
Blomming allows the user to create their own shop on Facebook, through their page, as well as on their blog, just by adding photos of your product! (none of the 'click on this link' hoohaa). 

You can feature your products on your blog posts, and sell them without ever having to leave the page!
Your products will also feature on your Blomming profile, so other users can see what your selling and hopefully spread the word!
Now, being a budding entrepreneur like my self (see Stray Nails) and not really knowing where to start sharing my product, especially when you have to pay to even put your products on a site, this is the perfect solution! 

As soon as I have enough product (again, stray nails) and some good photos of them (failure to prepare is preparing to fail) I will definitely set up my own little shop on Blomming, excitingggg! 

You can check it out, and open your own shop here

Thursday, 1 November 2012

My Great Great family

My Grandpa passed away in September 2011. 
Not the best way to start a post.
But a few weeks ago, his old desk was delivered to our house.
In it, wedged at the back, was this picture.
Dated approximately 1890, it shows my Great Grandpa and Great Grandma on their wedding day, surrounded by their families, including my Great Great Grandpa. 
Not only is it strange to see my ancestors all lined up, but I found the clothes fascinating.
It's not everyday you find a picture like this from your relatives past. I've only ever seen this type of photograph with this fashion in books or magazines.
The bonnets, the bustles, the flowers, the ruffles, quite well dressed aren't they?
A little piece of my history on paper.