Saturday, 30 June 2012

Birthday Wishlist No.3 - ghd's

After 6 years of dedicated straightening and curling, my beloved ghd's died this morning. Although we're working on repairing them, I know they can last a little while longer, I think its time for a shiny new pair anyway. 

I know there are plenty of other companies and celebrity hair stylists who do a range of heating irons, I've never found anything or heard any better reviews quite like ghd's, they are the best. 

(If anyone has any other recommendations, they would be greatly appreciated! I haven't completely shunned the other brands!)

So after having a browse on the website,  my favourites from the ranges are these below.

If you would like to have a browse yourself, you can do here.

ghd classic Gold Styler

Limited Edition ghd Red Gloss IV styler

Limited Edition ghd Green Peacock 

For more info on any of these please enter the website.

Hopefully 4 months of frizzy hair go quickly!

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