Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Not in 'Canvas' anymore

On the search for a new bag (hence the 2nd bag post in a week) I came across the emerging 'IT-brand' Thursday Friday. The practical range of totes features 3 styles, (favourite-diamond, below) 3 sizes, a range of colours and a few extras, including some adorable fluffy iPhone cases and key rings. Run by Olena and Roni, they started out producing simple canvas tote bags with print-screens of luxury leathers and the range has grown from there. The pair have been described as an 'anti-status symbol' as well as 'witty' and 'controversial' for this supposedly uncourageous fashion statement as they describe the brand "we're inspired by consumerism, class, and iconography, but that doesn't mean we're putting out precious, abstract concepts." The collections are available to order from the website (subject to waiting list and the amount in $) or on ASOS, whichever way you do it, you'll be making a mark on your next food shop. 

Sneaky Young Ones

Am I getting older? Or is the peak age of style getting younger? Definitely both. Depressingly, the ones to watch these days in the fashion world haven't even got behind the wheel of a car yet and they're dressed top-to-toe in labels, attending premiers, doted on hand and foot by leading designers usually at the helping hand of their famous parents. Lucky for some. 
These are the top chicest kids making the headlines with their million dollar wardrobes....
I'm sure you've all seen Cindy Crawfords TEN-year-old daughter, Kaia Gerber showing off her (already) killer pegs for the first Young Versace campaign. Following in her Mother's footsteps didn't seem hard as along with her inherited beauty comes a confidence and grace in front of the lens, impressive at this age, a natural. 
She's only a year older than my little sister and, despite her efforts, I couldn't imagine her stepping into such big shoes to fill. Ten just seems way too young for the pressure involved in such an industry, although with a style icon as a mother behind you, it may not seem so hard. 
A girl that's recently been taking the red carpet by storm with her pretty, elegant, looks is one Miss Elle Fanning(13), younger sister to Dakota. Already starred in some capturing roles, and the spitting image of her already famous sibling it's no wonder this angelic face and ethereal style has made it to the hit list, below are just a few favourite glam outfits, three words Elle, keep it up. 

Hailee Steinfield (above with Elle) made her debut in the film 'True Grit' only to later be snapped up for a Miu Miu 1940's inspired campaign (caught out for portraying a hazardous scene, above) however despite this bad press, the starlet is constantly impressing the paps strutting in Stella Mcartney, Calvin Klein and Moschino, (all below) to name a few. She has more to come this year with an impressive line up of exciting film roles, which I'm sure will bring the winning styles to match. 

I would have loved to had these wardrobes when I was an ankle biter and it may seem wrong for this generation to be strutting in 6 inch heels but it seems to be the future. 
These 'chadults' may have pulled it out the bag recently but with so many celebs popping out brats these days it's gonna be Beyonce's Blue Ivy, The Beckham's Harper Seven and even Sienna Miller's expected bundle of joy which are setting the stakes in the baby department, imagine the things to come!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Karl doing 'KARL'

Just a few thoughts about Karl Lagerfield's new 'affordable' line KARL. Some words to describe this collection are a minimal, metallic, sequinned, biker-rock, monochrome with a hint of burgundy mixture of how Lagerfield would seem to dress if he were a woman, including his famous cut off leather gloves (sold out) and his signature white collar.
He describes his range in a Vogue interview, 'It's a graphic idea of what I like, what could be translated from me to girls," he explained. "It's very graphic; black and white, silver and grey. Chanel is me doing Chanel, Fendi is me doing Italy and this is me doing me, whatever that means.' www.vogue.co.uk Key pieces complete the collection including leather biker jackets, simple tee's,  jeans, blazers and jumpers (Favourites Below) and stylish garments with design features to reflect Karl's style such as the Tuxedo Jacket and Ruched dress (Above) both a perfect match with the sequinned collars. The styles and silhouettes make each piece easy to match to create the perfect overall look. 

 'Affordable' might be a bit of a  stretch but for those who are on a student budget there are a one or two simple garments that would look lush in the wardrobe as long as your willing to treat yourself.  I personally can only afford the canvas bag only £20! Unfortunately by the time I'd run upstairs grabbed my purse and come back down to pay it had sold out! I suggest if you fancy anything in this collection buy it now, I learnt the hard way. 
This review hasn't given the collection justice, theres just too much to love about it! In which case I strongly suggest you take a peek (Available at www.net-a-porter.com)

Sunday, 29 January 2012

The New Bag in Town

Have you seen this bag? I have, everywhere! I'm probably behind the times but when I started to see this bucket shopper creeping onto everyone's arms I had to investigate. Eventually finding it in Zara I have to admit I fell in love! Made from 100% Buffalo leather and in a range of colours, it's no wonder its selling out and being sold on eBay for an added quarter of the original price!
At £79.99 it is a reasonable price for such beauty, especially with the plaited detailing on the handle. The simplicity, the fashionability as well as being first spotted on Olivia Palermo last year make this bag a 'must-have' of the season. However on reflection in the high street store I thought, 'hold on, I see this bag everywhere I go, town, university, there's so many girls wearing it on my course I'm surprised they haven't formed some sort of alliance!' which is why (softly weeping) I handed this magnificent accessory back to the shop assistant and swiftly waltzed out in a tiz.

Yes, it is the one to 'see and be seen in' yes, it is practical and yes, this bag would be the biggest confidence boost since my eBay fur coat arrival but I don't think jumping on this particular band wagon is for me, although it may just be too good to resist!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Candy Pastel Picks

Pale hues, candy tones?  In January? Surely not! We're simply too pale to be slapping on mint green, custard yellow and flamingo pink but sure enough the Pastel trend is alive and well with designers such as Nicole Farhi, Diane Von Furstenburg and (my personal favourite) Louis Vuitton portraying their versions and now its already on the high street just waiting for Spring to have sprung to snap up the best picks.
As per, I've been stalking the shops to get the low down on the best buys and here are just a few of my faves. I started at the top and found these gorgeous tutu inspired skirts by D&G, so if your feeling pretty get onto net-a-porter and bag yourself a ballerina look, although they come at a hefty £300-400 odd so be prepared to empty out that purse! 

For a more affordable take on the sweety style try Topshop (shorts £22) River Island (jumpers £30-35) and New Look (jeans £22.99) who have an excellent range of shorts, leggings and skirts with their 'Candy Shop Pop' trend. As well as my own finds, the yellow blouse is by glamourous which can be found in small boutiques around your area as well as this lilac cut off blouse in a vintage shop (£18)

In terms of accessories this trend has pastel shoes to spare spilling out of all the top high street shops in flats as well as heels, I chose these peachy Topshop boaties (£22) and these Patent Lilac Slippers from New Look (17.99), if your unwilling to fully endorse this dainty summer style then I'm sure there'll be some bags or jewellery along the way and if your too ashamed of your non-existent tan (like me!) to be buying these garments yet, then just opt for a nice nail varnish shade to get you going through the last of winter!

My best advice for this one is mix and match the different styles and colours and have fun doing it, because you can't go wrong with this one! 

Monday, 23 January 2012

Fancy-dress Fashionista

With the little black dress from 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' being slung into the V&A as well as the vintage movement climbing the charts in the fashion sector it was only coincidental that my best friends 21st was sixties themed which, being a fashion student, led to an explosion of inspiration! As much as I hate blogs about oneself, being a bit strapped for ideas, led to giving in with a 'how to' on stylish fancy dress for UNDER £15! who could resist?!
My first port of call was the style, hippy? mod rocker? chelsea girl? go go dancer? presidents wife?! I swiftly picked the Chelsea Girl style after rooting through a vintage shop and finding a yellow shift dress for only £8! I then started to work around this, Primark sale was a saviour with a little yellow patent bag which was £3. The fancy dress shop was the only way to complete the look with a peace necklace medallion for just £2.
Teamed all these with a brown belt, black dollies and bright pink/orange bangle I had lying around and Voila!
Hair and face next. Obviously needing big hair, I went for Jean Bardot (below) and consulted YouTube videos on how to achieve this (turns out back-combing is pretty self explanatory) and did a half up, half done with a few loose curls at the bottom. 
Next was the eyes, after attacking them with eye liner and white eye shadow for a good half an hour I achieved the twiggy-esque/Audrey eyes I was after, with a bit of inspiration taken from Chanel's 2009 Autumn show which was a bit O.T.T for me. 
I finished off with a pale pink lipstick from good old Barry M for £1.99.

Here is the finished look! I loved prancing around in this get-up, definitely think I was born in the wrong era!

So, there you have it, how to create a sixties fancy dress for under £15! Maybe you'll think twice about your next birthday theme?