Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Pins of the Week

Here are a few of my favourite pins of the week from various Pinterest members. 
I love entering this website and seeing anything from art and architecture to cupcakes and rollerblades. 
A taster of everything I love is below, I hope you get as inspired as I am!

Happy Pinning!

Mouth watering stack of Cupcakes.

I love the combination of colour, style and accessories on this strangers hand, the odd angle just makes it that much more pinteresting!

For those of you who know me, this little guy is fast becoming my number one must see animal.
Genuinely think I was one in a past life.

 I have a few turquoise jewellery pieces and these have made me want more! They go with absolutely everything, especially matched with this seasons tribal trend.

Safari style outfit, I'm loving the bag!

This is so elegant, the vibrant colour is nice and summery, combined with the light skirt, Perfect.

 This piece of art called flowers by Jo Chambers really caught my eye, simple lines and colours can be so effective. 

I have a board called 'My Dream House' and although a lot of people want a swanky apartment over looking a white sand beach with a pool, the simplicity of this velvet chair and the neutral colours looked really relaxing, I wouldn't mind it in my home.

These skates are girly and adorable, I would have to skate along the avenue in these everyday.

A cropped picture taken from the film Up, at first glance I thought they were real.

This is photography genius. Coming from an island where a lot of surfing takes place, this is definitely an outstanding capture. 

So there they are, my favourite weekly pins. I have liked all of these pictures on my account, so if you like any of them, follow me Rodders1810, to like them yourself.

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  1. Love the artwork by Jo Chambers!


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