Friday, 29 June 2012

Summer Wedding Peplum Perfection

This season there has been pretty peplum's everywhere in our stores.
This style is classic looking, sophisticated, and I mean, if k-middy's got one on, we know its the ultimate in ladylike-ness. 

They suit most shape types. If one is curvy, it can hide an unwanted waist with the peplum fabric and accentuate your voluptuous curves. And if your straight up and down, like me, it will give you a waist by creating the illusion of a clinched abdomen! magic.

I've tried on my fair share of peplums, skirts, tops, dresses, and while I prefer some more than others, I have never bought one because, well, when would I wear it? I'm not a very formal person, and this is a look which is hard to dress down.

Perfect for a night out? not for me! Still a bit too formal for my sort of socialising. However, if I was to wear this style, it would be at a summer wedding.

Sadly, I'm not attending one this year, but if I was this would be the best on-trend look to go for.

Without a doubt the best ensemble to accompany an elegant wedding outfit, especially in a floral print. I'm sure a few will be attending some matrimonies this season, so why not keep it simple and play it safe with a gorgeous peplum!

A few of my favourite celebrities Kate Middleton, Blake lively, Jennifer Anniston, and Emma Stone all rocking the trend.

How to create the summer wedding look I'm on about (below).
If your not the fascinator type, then a nice flower in a smart down do will pick out the colours in your floral print perfectly. Subtle make up to compliment the natural look, pinky lips, a bit of blusher and eye shadow, you can always add more for the reception party! 
Maybe add a thin necklace, and a few gold bangles or a ring, not too OTT on the jewellery so as to not take the focus away from your gorgeous dress.
And finally some tan wedges, avoid stumbling around the grass in heels, and just add to the summer theme, as well as matching just about anything! 

Pretty Peplums

And there you have it!
So if you've got a summer wedding, or even a smart occasion and your stuck for style choices? why not shop around for a peplum, I hope this has inspired you!

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  1. Peplum is having it's moment and I am enjoying it too.... nice choices



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