Monday, 7 October 2013

Vivienne Westwood Internship

You have probably guessed, I've got some rather big news! 
I decided a while back to take the plunge and move to London. 
With the pursuit of getting a job in the fashion industry in mind, I started applying for internships and such, but after a failed interview at Motel Rocks I wasn't having much luck. 
Pretty much the same day, my dad rang me saying "how fast can you get to London to work for Vivienne Westwood?" 
After a bit of explanation, it turns out my Uncle knows someone who's daughter is Viv's right hand woman, well for Press anyway (Laura McCuaig). As reluctant as I was to accept help from others and to make it on my own, this was one contact I just couldn't turn down! 
She put me in contact with Jess Moloney, who also works in the Press Office, and after a few exchanged emails and a phone interview, I was offered the three month internship! 
From what I could gather I will be dealing with samples, helping to organise press days and keeping the showroom neat and tidy. 
I start this wednesday and I am so excited! 
You may have seen what's been said in the news about her supposed exploitation of interns. Well I say, if you want something bad enough, you have to be willing to work for free for it. In such a saturated and competitive market such as fashion, what do you expect! 
And not only that but work hard whilst working for free. 
I am baffled by anyone who goes into a job and does it half arsed. You're there to work, to make an impression, so why not (for want of a better phrase) put 110% into it? It doesn't matter if you're getting 1 mil a minute or tuppence a day! And that also means being more than happy to make the tea, run half way across London for a sample and of course, the photocopying. 
You will only be rewarded for your efforts surely? Instead of being known for your laziness and unapproachable attitude. 
I started out picking up dog poo as a volunteer for the Animal Shelter, just so I could play with dogs. So I am very willing (if not privileged!) to work for an iconic British Designer just so I can get a proper job in fashion! 

I will be working here, at the Press Office on Conduit Street. I will be blogging about my experience there and the things I get up to, and I really hope its a great experience. I have all the faith that it will be! 

Finally, here are some of my favourite Looks from the S/S 14 collection in Paris.