Monday, 17 June 2013

Man of Steel Premiere

Last week was all about Superman. 
The Hollywood and London Premieres were massive and luckily, the man of the hour Henry Cavill being from Jersey, we got our very own special Premiere. 
For anyone who has been to Jersey, you'll know that nothing happens here, ever. For those of you who haven't, it's the type of place where you'll find a gripping story about a potato on the front page of the evening news, so this was a big deal. 
Russell Crowe, Amy Adams and of course Henry came along to the local cinema, where the red carpet was laid and crowds of fans lined the rails to get autographs and pictures with the stars. 
It was a fun event and we got to meet Russell Crowe! Here are some pictures from the evening...


I was bored last Friday so did these nails, of which the only person that noticed was a small boy at the premiere. 

Amy Adams was such a beauty, but she has the weirdest signature I've ever seen. 

Cavill loving the attention. 

And the ridiculous smiles from meeting Russ, despite what people say, he was lovely! 

The film has already made millions and is a big hit in the box office, and guaranteed it will be on in our local news for years! Despite this, I did feel a pang of pride knowing a big star was from our tiny island, and I'm excited to watch the film.  

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  1. Wao love this, that most have been so cool!!! :D


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