Monday, 2 July 2012

Water Marbling Attempt

I keep seeing really weird effect nails on twitter and instagram. I was intrigued so thought I'd research and give it a bash. Turns out the technique is called water marbling and believe me, its a lot harder than it looks. 
Its messy and hard to achieve but good fun!

If you want to have a go, heres how I did it, first attempt didn't really go well, but give it a try and see if you can master the art any better!

Fill a bowl with a bit of water, and add a drop of your first colour (of nail polish, obviously).

Add another on top of that. 

Once you've added a couple more, swirl the colours around with a make up brush handle, or a pencil or something. 

Dip your nails in to the colour, most people tape around their nails so they don't get paint on their fingers. 
I am not most people. 

Wipe around the edges with a cue tip or pad with nail varnish remover and voila! 

I tried again with one nail and got a better effect. 

Not very good quality pictures but this attempt worked better than the last. 
You might not be able to see but the colour goes from dark pink to light and the tip with a blue bit near the cuticle and a white streak. 

And there you have it, water marbling your nails! well kind of. 
If you have attempted it yourself, please let me know and give me some tips! 

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