Saturday, 26 May 2012

Trending: Hand Chains


With jewellery becoming more weird and wonderful (nail rings didn't really take off) it seems that this summer, the hand chain is going to be a big hit (especially if Caggie Dunlop is wearing one). 
With Eastern influences in their design they add instant uniqueness to any summery outfit. Basically every high street store has one or two to choose from and I have been pondering on which one to buy for a while. As much as I love to dress up my hands a bit, I'm thinking that £15 could be better spent on something more useful, but it seems that is the going price for these trinkets. 

However as my daily browse through the e-tailers commenced, I came across the Dorothy Perkins sale where I found a lovely little hand chain, not too OTT, for a fiver. 
Ba-da-bing, that was my choice sorted!
Below are a few other favourites from this seasons high street stores.

Summer Accessory Hand Chains

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  1. I love the hand chains. I don't own one, but that's going to change after seeing this post.
    I followed your blog via GFC!

    Amber Sweet


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