Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wrinkle your way out

A couple of weeks ago, I bought my first pot of anti-wrinkle cream. I'm 20, and I don't have wrinkles, but according to the beauty pages, this is the time to start using it. My choice was No.7 Protect and Perfect Night Cream.

 When heading to the counter to purchase the £22.00 cream, all I was thinking was, 'this is going to do great things for my Boots points' however when I got to the till, the woman serving me said that out of the top range of anti-wrinkle creams tested, this was the only one found to work for wrinkle prevention and reduction. It turns out, she wasn't wrong, as an article in the Guardian stated that a trial done from the University of Manchester resulted in woman and men, seeing and feeling a difference to their skin within 6 months, using this cream. These type of results had not been seen from an over-the-counter solution, and the serum sold out in 2 days. 

There has been so much controversy and hoo-haa about young women using anti-wrinkle creams. Is it right? is it necessary? There are so many websites telling us its not, and for those who agree, here's where the science bit comes in. Wrinkles are caused by a loss of collagen, as this happens the skin starts loosing volume and starts to fold, causing a line or a wrinkle. This process is long, so even though nothing may seem to be happening, collagen is still decreasing in the skin. By using anti-wrinkle cream in your 20's, you're starting the re-production of the components needed (including collagen) to reduce the onset of wrinkles by 5 or 10 years.

Despite knowing that its already working to prevent wrinkles, every time I put it on at night, my skin feels revitalised, smoother and its done wonders for my blemishes. I was surprised at this, I didn't think I would see effects for weeks, or even years! But my skin feels refreshed in the morning and I look forward to putting it on at night. 

Your 20's are the most important time to be looking after your skin, a good regime and knowing what works best is going to save you in the future. This cream has finally given me a skin regime and as long as I keep at it, and drink lots of water, I'm hoping for a few extra youth years. 

Yes, it is pricy, but lets face it, your not going to use the whole pot in one night. With just a small dollop, this cream could last up to 6 months, this includes full face and neck coverage. That to me spells a good investment. 

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