Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Today I'm Wearing

I don't have the room or the patience to take photos of myself wearing outfits, maybe when I have a nice loft and a DSLR, but for now, here is what I'm wearing today. The levi short, tank top combo is very popular at the moment especially with the weather becoming slightly shinier. 
My levi's are just about hanging on for dear life so I replaced them with these Topshop blue acid hot pants (£28.00) and put them with a black vest from Ark (£12.99) which was cheaper than the identical Topshop ones, so I was chuffed!
I love this look personally, its so easy to throw on, you can put basically anything with it and play around with accessories to make it smart or casual. 
I wore my Urban Outfitters watch and assorted rings and bracelets and to give it that extra edge I would of loved to put a nice leather jacket over the top for the evening.
Below are a few bits and bobs to add to this to really make it a simple but effective outfit. 

Assorted casual accessories

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