Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My dream holiday wardrobe

In a couple of weeks I will be jetting off to Cape Verde with the Mother. I am beyond excited to get some sun and just relax. I have bought a couple of bikinis from Primark and I will be taking my charity shop sunhat and my finders keepers aviators, and as much as I love a student's holiday wardrobe, I can't help but think how the other half spend some dosh on their vacation attire.
Here's how I would spend mine (below). A few designer bags, bikinis, various accessories and some pampering products are the perfect essentials in a lavish closet.
My personal favourite is the Yves Saint Laurent red bikini, I love the colour and the fifties high waisted style, with the gold buttons, this would give anyone the confidence to be a beach knockout!
I would be living the life in luxury! All I would need now is my own jet to get me there. 

My dream holiday wardrobe


  1. I love the maxi dress and the red retro swim suit :)

  2. Heyy! Love your blog, found you via IFB and now following




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