Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Buying Binge

I may have finished exams now, but during the stress, I took a day off and headed to town, and this post is dedicated to what I bought. 

I have to say, I was in a weird mood, and after not shopping for a long time, I was determined to buy something in every store. 

Firsty, I hit Primark, and after nosing around and trying on a few things, despite being disheartened from not finding the right sizes I needed, I settled on this blue floral sleeveless chiffon top with contrast collar (below) I love the colour and the pattern is nice and summery, for dull days like these, I've already worn it with black jeans and I am going to wear it on a night out soon!

 I also bought these black suede loafers which I was ecstatic to find! I was going to buy some from Topshop, but when I saw these I thought why not! Cheaper, and after a couple of wears they are very comfy. 

Below are the rest of my purchases. I had a browse around the Fashion Against Aids Section in H&M, and was going to get the tribal shorts, but they didn't have my size!  I was still happy with the striped dress, its simple, and its great to throw on, on a breezy day. I wear the Boyfriend knitted jumper over the striped dress, and its so comfy! As well as a good bargain I thought. 

It was a bit of a mixed bag in Topshop but I couldn't resist the Sale. The pink shorts and the dress were the bargain choices, both great to wear dressed up or down, especially the Chanel inspired shorts. I bought the crop top in black, but couldn't find that colour anywhere on the site! I love it, only £8, and great for a festival or holiday wardrobe. Lastly, the black shorts, I've been looking for some for ages, and I'm happy with these! High waisted, piped, with pockets, what more could I ask for? Hopefully going to wear these with my new bralet! 

These are all quite simple pieces, but they build up a wardrobe quite nicely, maybe next time I'll be a little more adventurous! 

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