Wednesday, 9 May 2012

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Review

A couple of weeks ago I went for a chop at a local hairdressers. I took the plunge and got a full fringe, a decision which I later regretted and cried about for a good hour, otherwise known as a 'new hair meltdown'. However, after a few days of styling it myself and getting used to it, I grew to like my new framed face, it was just the colour I had a problem with. 

The hairdresser had put a full head of highlights in, yet I couldn't see a difference, this is when I decided to give the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder range a go, and put the theory to the test. 

I have used a few of these products here and there before, but not all at once, and not consecutively. 

The range is moderately priced, with the shampoo and conditioner being roughly about £5 and the lightening spray about £7. Boots usually do regular deals on these as well, which gave me the motivation to try. 

As instructed, the products don't start to show until a few uses, and I start to see a difference around about my third wash. 
I have found with the spray, if used in excess or not rubbed in properly, does not dry properly and can leave the hair greasy. 
I have also found with the shampoo/ conditioner that although it has left my hair feeling smooth and shiny, it left my scalp slightly flaky and therefore had to switch to a different brand for a wash or two, so if you have sensitive skin, be warned. 



A couple of days after my haircut, the colour is dull at the top, the roots are dark and it gradually gets lighter.


Now weeks after my haircut, the colour is lighter, the fringe has grown in, and I'm happy!
I still have a way to go before I'll have that true summer beach blonde hair but I'm sure if I keep using these products, it will happen! 
That's the good thing about it, nice and gradual so you can stop whenever you like!

All in all, did it work? well, Is my hair blonder? Yes! 

I can see a real change to my hair, and when used properly, the products left my barnet feeling lush. 

 This post is in honour and memory of Vidal Sassoon, who died today, at the age of 84. An icon to beauty and fashion, this hair legend will live on in the creative minds he inspired and in the memories of this  amazing industry. 

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