Thursday, 10 May 2012

Zara before Chanel

Much of Zara's Spring/Summer Women's collection is coated in Chanel inspired tweed suit pieces, with their take on the classic style, in this seasons trending pastel tones. 
Sophistication looms in every jacket, skirt and even dress, perfectly cut and tailored to that of Coco's standards. 
I cannot describe how badly I wanted to buy any one of these garments but sadly the price range was just too high, but that didn't stop me from touching, trying on, and admiring in ore. 
Zara has dealt a safe hand with this collection, this classic suit has never failed to impress with numerous comebacks on the Chanel catwalk, so why shouldn't the high street stores have a dabble in re-creating the style? 
Topshop and Primark have produced their own versions of some suit pieces, but Zara have gone all out. 
Below are a few favourites from the collection and some classic Chanel's from over the years. 


1950                                                      1958
2012 Couture                                             2006 Couture
2006 Couture                                2006 Ready to Wear
 2007 Couture                                         2008 Couture 
 2008 Couture                                          2010 Couture 
 2010 Ready to Wear                                    2011 Couture 
 2011 Ready to Wear    
     2012 Pre-fall                                      2012 Ready to Wear 
 2011 Couture 


I loved the yellow dress personally, when I tried it on, I didn't want to take it off! 
After seeing this collection and scrolling through the numerous past Chanel collections I hope to one day own a vintage Chanel tweed jacket. (21st birthday present? hint hint) 

All images were taken from the Zara website and InStyle. 


  1. I've been obsessing over all the tweed jackets at Zara as well. They're all so freaking adorable! Cool blog! Glad I found you on IFB.

  2. wow i can definitely see the Chanel influence in the Zara collection. Id love myself a tweed jacket :)


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