Thursday, 24 May 2012

Vogue Hoarder

For any of you who have seen my room, or my wall decorations, I am the definition of a hoarder. Spaces filled with clutter, I just can't throw anything away. This means packing up my entire room for the end of the University year is proving extremely difficult. It is especially difficult to let go of the pile of Vogues I have stacked up in the corner. 
To some they are just magazines, trash, and can easily be tossed into a recycling bin, without flinching. But for us they are the fashion bible, glossy sheets of creative beauty, that fill our stylish minds with inspiration each month.
I would keep them in a heart beat but they are too heavy to cart around.

I can't just get rid of them without knowing their going to a good home, or at least towards something useful, which is why I've torn them up. 
Sounds more drastic than it is, I have simply ripped out the best pages of each, which will then be filed away over summer, and upon my return made into a collage, framed, embellished, or simply kept as a reminder of the greatest pages that help us create our image.
I've picked my favourite campaigns and the best fashion shoots as well as the covers to form my own mini magazine.
This will then become a keepsake which I can keep and hopefully I can show my children and say 'This is what magazines (if they still have them in the future) used to look like when mummy was younger'



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  1. Please dont destroy those gorgeous fashion bibles as I would love to snuggle up close into all their soft glossy sweet scented fashion pages, its my fantasy to touch and feel those wonderfull magazines.


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