Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Baggy Jumpers, Summer Nights

Baggy Jumpers Summer Nights

I love baggy jumpers and cardigans, they are my 'go-to' security piece if I'm not sure what to wear. Which is why I've played around and made these 3 outfits, all very similar, and all perfect for a summer night. 
Colourful jeans, with a wooly knit to keep you warm if your out and about having a BBQ (unlikely in this weather!) Or a light cotton sweater with pastel jeans for a nice meal, not too dressed up, not too casual and really really comfy!
I'm going out for dinner tonight and I thought this look would be perfect. I'm wearing that jumper I got from my Mum which you can see here, and some pale blue jeans which I haven't worn for ages! 
For accessories, I bought a small brown leather shoulder bag from Hospice, (post to come) and a couple silver rings from eBay.
Maybe not everyones cup of tea, but this style is on trend, easily worn, and suitable for most occasions, whats not to love! 

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