Thursday, 19 July 2012

Have you seen Svpply?

Svpply is a website which endorses products you love from the companies you know (or don't) and lets you browse them all!

A lot like Pinterest but with just apparel/home products, all unique and beautiful! It uses the same 'follow' system as twitter and Pinterest. But instead of 'pinning' things, you 'want' them, with the 'want' button, the product then appears on your profile for others to see.

There is also a 'buy' button which links you straight to where the product is from so you can buy it yourself.

But be warned, if your like me, no money, then don't enter this website. I have got so down by not being able to buy any of the stuff I'm lusting after. 

You can also add your own products from your own store, or sites you love like ASOS and Etsy to appear on your profile to show off your own style for others to see.

They have a Shop with special hand picked products from the team.

The site can also connect to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest. 

I'm currently working on getting a Svpply widget for this blog, so you can see what I've 'wanted' and be connected straight to my profile to have a browse.

I've put a few of my latest 'wants' below.

Judging by the amount of followers, its clear this site is new, and not widely known. 

It's an american company, which is quite annoying at times for us brits, although most products are available in the UK, some are exclusive to the states. 

So I'm hoping by putting the site out there more, the company will expand and make a UK version!

I recommend checking out this website, you wouldn't believe the amount of beautiful things you'll find on there.

You can follow their blog here.

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