Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Proper Gradient Nails

So I said I was going to try gradient nails with a sponge, and here is the attempt! I'm much more pleased with it than the last time! It looks a lot more gradual and the compliments and queries have been flowing!
So here's how I did it. 

I did a trial using these colours first. 

Rolling it across the nail as straight as possible.

Dabbing with an ear bud to make the colour stronger.

Once I was happy with the technique, I wanted to try with different colours.

And decided on the different shades of blue.

I found as I did it, a good tip, once you've rolled it over your nail once, don't wait for it to dry, roll it over again straight away, as close to the lines on your nails as poss.  This makes the colours graduate and merge into each other better, leaving less clear lines, which is the desired effect.

And there you have it!

It is messy but its all part of the fun! Once the residue is cleared off, your left with a cool effect that leaves everyone asking 'how did you do that?!' 

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