Monday, 16 July 2012

Home-made Foils DIY

First and foremost, apologies for my feet, I know they are disgusting, but I thought I'd share this post with you anyway!
You've probably all seen the nail foils that are about at the moment, hundreds of patterns available to stick straight onto your nails without any trouble! 
But I thought I'd try with actual foil. Yes, kitchen foil. 
I simply cut a small bit off a roll, and stuck it on the first two nails (the rest were too small) using clear nail polish. It might work better with nail glue, but after letting it dry and putting another coat on top they seemed to stick well!

I then drew around the foil with my liquid eyeliner and coloured in the rest of my nails a bit, so they didn't feel left out. 

Here are the colour, liner and polish I used for the effect!

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