Friday, 6 July 2012

Vita Liberata Self Tan Review

Now, I never use fake tan, ever. I always thought it was too hard to put on. Girls are always complaining about streaks and smell. So when my mum told me to try this Vita Liberata 'pHenomenal 2-3 week tan' I was skeptical. When I tried it however I was pleasantly surprised! 
Vita Liberata are all about skin, mostly producing tanning products with this product being their newest creation. Supposedly used by all the celebs to give them their summer tan top up, its no wonder that each bottle costs a whopping £37.50. This is a small price to pay for some pseudo sun but when you're on a beauty budget it's best to get saving those Boots points for this one.
The ins and outs:
The self tan comes in three shades - light, medium and dark.
The bottle pumps out a foam which is easier to apply than the thick cream of usual self tan solutions. All you need is a tanning glove and your away!

This is the foam when it comes out. It's not the most appealing thing to look at but once you lather it onto your legs it feels really light and smooth. It takes a few seconds to settle into the skin, so you can rub out any streaks if you're quick to notice them but as the consistency is different, the lines were no where near as bad as when using fake tan creams.
Although drying quickly, it leaves you sticky for a minute or two so I wouldn't recommend putting clothes on straight away. My mum made that mistake and found her white blouse covered in orange stains after a brisk walk to work!

This a before and after shot, this is after two applications and there is quite a difference! 
Apologies for my scrappy pins!

 However when putting it on for the second time, when pumping out the solution, it didn't come out as a foam. The tan had become very watery and dripped all over a nice cream towel, not really what I wanted to achieve!
This meant it was harder to apply, and did leave a few streaks this time.
As with any self tan's it does leave an off smell on your skin until you shower. 
It's meant to last 2-3 weeks, however I only put it on last week so I can't prove this works yet! But so far so good, even after showering my legs have stayed the same as when applied.

They give you a bit of summery themed thinspiration on the side of the box too!

Overall I was impressed with the product, the price seemed a bit steep, but if it is being bought for me, I can't complain!
I would definitely use it again, it seems a lot less hassle than the usual self tanning ranges, and the compliments speak for themselves.

My mum bought it from boots, but if you order it from the website here you get a free tan mitt! 


  1. Hey! How did you go with this tan in the end!? Did it last the full 2-3 weeks? If so, how did it fade in this time? Were you just as dark in the second week as you are in the pictures above?!

    1. Hi! It was really good, although after a few uses it went quite runny and watery but it still worked! It started to fade after about a week and a half, but the colour was still pretty good and then i topped it up about a week later! Hope this helps! x

  2. Thank you very much. I agree with your article, this really helped me. I appreciate your help. Thanks a lot. Good website.


    1. no problem! glad I could help! thank you x

  3. I just bought this product yesterday and tried it on. The directions weren't too clear for me, since I put it on I thought it would just stay on, I didn't know you're supposed to wash it off?? I put on one layer and I look totally tan. But I realized that once it got wet it was a wet mark! I haven't showered yet I guess I have to shower afterwards too??

    1. Hi, I'm not too sure, but I just put the mouse on with a tanning mit and left it on to dry for about 5 minutes, I then left it all day without washing it off (I put it on after my shower) and when I showered the next day it was fine and didn't wash off! I stayed tanned for about 2 weeks after this without re applying and I didn't get wet marks x

  4. Hey how long are you suppose to leave the mousse on your body after you've applied it onto your skin?

    1. Hi I just left it on after I showered without washing it off and then when I showered the next day it had sunk in and stayed on for about 2 weeks. Hope this helped! x


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