Thursday, 9 August 2012

eBay Clear Out!

Hi Guys!

So I'm selling a few items on ebay, and I thought I'd share them with you to get the word out a bit more. I'm selling them for no other reason other than I need the money! It saddens me greatly to be parting with some of these items, especially as a known hoarder, but it has to be done. 

Firstly I'm selling this casual navy blue day dress from Topshop, it has little capped sleeves and a button at the top to create a little notch front. I'm selling it in a size 8. 
Really easy to put together an outfit with and great for going to work or uni or just shopping! 

This starting price for this is £9.99, if your interested click here to look further on eBay. 

This burgundy playsuit is from Miss Selfridge. I mainly wore it to go out in because its easy to dress up, especially in summer. I'm selling it in a size 10 and I've even kept the little string thingy that ties around it!

This one is selling for £8.59 and you can look at it on eBay here

Now this one I think I'm going to miss the most but I hardly wear it anymore so I may as well pass it onto a better home!
Its from Topshop, and its a size 8. It has a collared neckline and button detail down the chest and is nicely fitted with hoops to fit a belt around as well. It also has two pockets and is pleated at the waist line. 

I love the floral print, makes it a bit more fun than just plain black on a night out. 

This one has a starting price of £2.99 and a buy it now price of £9.99 and you can check it out on eBay here.

I realise I sound a bit like I'm working for a shelter and giving these things nice new places to live where they'll be loved but I really hate getting rid of things so its understandable!

Please let me know if any of the links aren't working, many thanks!

Happy eBaying!


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