Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Nails Nails Nails

Hey guys!

So I'm back from my little holiday weekend, and because it was a camping holiday and it rained a lot, and I have 3 sisters, I was doing loads of nails. So to bore you further, here are some of the designs I did whilst there.

I promise to do a non related nail post very soon!

But I'm suffering from holiday blues at the moment, and I'm very very lazy.

For instance, I've watched about 12 Jenna Marbles videos in the last 10 hours and not much else. 

But, I did buy a french grazia (which is already 'so yesterday' because its weekly) andddd I've started on my DIY bunting, so stay tuned! 

First off, my favourite patterns of the weekend (above) I did my sisters nails in a pink and white theme, You can probably guess I used my new nails art pens to do hearts and bows and a ribbon, and dots and flowers and stripes, really cute, and would definitely do this again.

My sisters are going to Turkey next week, so I did holiday themed nails,(below) with a mini cocktail, palm tree, star fish, eye and sun.

Then I did my older sisters, who loves kate spade, so these simple blue and white dotty nails looked so nice!

Then I did mine, little daisies on a blue background.

And mine again, did yesterday, sort of geometric shapes with a pink background. 

I also ordered 500 fake plain acrylic nails as soon as I got home for £2.60 on ebay, which I'm going to do designs on and then hopefully start selling them! 

May as well make a bit of money out of my favourite little hobby!

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  1. I have an older sister who also loves to do nails so I usually end up being her guinea pig! Not that I mind much! I love your ones with the daisies and I think it's a great idea to start selling your designs, good luck with it!!


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