Thursday, 23 August 2012

Daphne Groenveld is 16?!

Ok, I was originally going to do a post about Daph because basically she's my new girl crush after seeing her in the Dior Addict advert. 
After that I kept seeing her face everywhereee, obviously in magazines or blogs, not the street.
Then when I did a bit of research and found out she was SIXTEEN?! I not only now hate her (jealousy) for being absolutely stunning and successful at such a young age but also a bit disgusted with myself.
How can someone look like that at 16? HOW?! 
When I was 16 I had acne, a missing tooth, and no sense of how tall I was so I hunched over, a lot.

This Dutch gem has such unique features she's caught the eyes of Vogue Korea, Vogue Russia, American Vogue and Vogue Italia. Dior, Roberto Cavalli, Calvin Klein, Anna Sui, to name a few! 

She's been nicknamed the mini Bardot, understandably.

She doesn't even need to pout, its just there all the time.

I am in awe of her, and although this post may sound a tad bitter (over-exaggeration is a weakness) this girls looks are inspiring to the fashion world.

So here are some photos of her to make you all feel as bad about yourself as I do, 

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