Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Marc Jacobs Nails

So I've recently had a bit of 'Nail Block' (like writers block, but with nails). Nothing has inspired me at all, and if I'm planning on starting to sell these nails, the designs need to be innovative and different. 
We've all seen the tribal nails and dotty nails, they're just not cutting it anymore!
So like any fashion student, I turned to Vogue for help.
I have absolutely no clue why I didnt do this before!
Prints are so big in this upcoming season, so by looking at all the pre ready to wear collections, the inspiration for nail designs was screaming at me!

I started with these, inspired by Marc Jacobs Pre Ready to Wear collection, of which there were many other interesting patterns, these ones stood out and they were simple to put onto nails. 

I know I havent got quite the right green colour, but I still love the contrasting bright colours.

I even put it onto a fake nail and loved the result, contemplating putting this design on my etsy shop when its up and running, what do you guys think? please comment below if you like it!

Its pretty obvious which one is the fake nail here.

 So if you too are stuck for a bit of design inspiration, turn to the people who do it best!

I'm currently working on more designs from 3.1 Phillip Lim and ALICE by Temperley.

Photos taken from vogue.co.uk

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