Friday, 1 February 2013

Peach Pink Nova Clutch

I recently received this lovely Nova clutch from Peach Pink. 
Its made of leather which means the feel of it is super soft. The colour is Wedgewood and although this wouldn't be my first choice it added a slight pop to my usual dark wardrobe as well as the perfect accessory, for the reasons below. 
I have the flu at the moment so my nose is red, my eyes are droopy and my face is something I don't want anyone to see, so therefore I have purely focused the pictures on the bag, and why shouldn't I? its beaut. 

Versatility: The clutch has detachable straps so it can be turned into a shoulder bag for day time.
Character: The trademark embossed moth which is on all of the Peach Pink products gives the bag some personality towards the brand on a removable tag.

Clutch every which way: whether its in your hand, with the handy mini strap, or under your arm.

Convenience: It has a front pocket with a magnetic clasp providing the best access for your phone. 

The lining is a contrast coral with blue accents and plenty of handy pockets, one of which held my camera perfectly! and big enough to fit my brolly in, which is always a bonus for a temporary northern girl. 

The bag went great with my leather jacket just to place under my arm for an afternoon shop, and because its soft, unlike most clutches, it didn't start digging in after an hour and proved popular on the high street with some heightened stares from the manchy stylistas. 

I also received this great business card holder. 
Again, all leather with the moth chilling on the popper button flap.
I love the colour, and now I have an excuse to buy business cards for stray! 
 You can view the bag on the website here as well as all their other products and where to buy in stores!


  1. Super cute!! Love the pink business card holder!

    1. thanks theresa! I'm now following you GFC, great blog xxx

  2. This bag is so cute, I love the pink business card holder too :)

  3. I love the colours of these! x


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