Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Twenty/Twenty Goals

For those of you who read my christmas wish list, you'll know this book was on it. 
My sister also saw the post and consequently bought me the book, of which I opened yesterday. 
I have already read it cover to cover, it's funny and scarily true. 
I thought it was just me going through these crazy thoughts and episodes, but was grateful to find out its common for girl's in their twenties. 
If your like me, who is 21 and feeling slightly lost and terrified at the prospect of new and frightening/exciting endeavours in the years to come, then this is a book for you. 
It may not help, but it will ease your mind knowing you're not alone. 

Nonetheless, being a deep thinker, I have been pondering the 20 goals I wish to achieve in my twenties. 
Knowing that plans change, not always by choice is besides the matter in this activity and is also in perfect sync with the new year's resolutions. 
Right now, this is what I want to do, this is what would make me happy, and this is how I envisage my future. 
And let's face it, a rough plan is still a plan. 

Twenty goals for the 20's

If you work your way clockwise, you will get an idea of the order and scale of each goal. Some I know will happen more than others, but a girl can dream. 
What are your future goals? 


  1. I'm already 23 and turning 24 but this book is must have! I'll definitely buy one. Thanks for sharing!

    have an awesome last week of the year!


  2. I love this. It´s important and natural to think about your life. Growing older isn´t getting easier...but you get wiser and one day you even like what you do and who you more wondering around , feeling lost...I´m in my late 20´s, starting to make plans for my 30´s...oh boy!


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