Thursday, 6 December 2012

NYE Outfit

Hi Guys, 
I just bought this very sparkly skirt from Missguided and thought it would be great for New Year's Eve. Might be a bit early to start thinking about it, but I'm sure you all are! 
Sparkles are always big around the holidays, something to do with festivities and parties I think. 
I put together a little outfit of what would I think would look great with this ensemble and here it is... 

NYE Outfit

I never ever wear heels, not that I dont want to, just being 6 foot tall is a bit of a hinderance! 
I loveee these peep toe ankle boots, they make it look a bit more wintery than just plain black heels. 
The long sleeved crop top is very 90's (which is very now) and covers up some skin, classiness and warmth preserved, as well as complimenting the peplum with a bit of midriff, but not too much! 
Some contrast nails would set off the colours a bit more, a chose this shimmery red because its a darker colour and the shimmer matches the skirts texture.
I'm also loving nude lipstick at the moment. I bought some from Boots today, got home and had left it in the shop! so sad. 
Smokey eyes would look great with the colours and perfect if you're going out. 
Light jewellery would top it off, but not too much as the skirt is already the statement piece. 
Finally a bit of bubbly and you're set for the New Year! 
This would also make a great Christmas party outfit.
I was going to save it for NYE but I know I'll be tempted to wear it next week for the end of term! 
Hope you like it!

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  1. I love the top. I'm really into long sleeves at the moment.


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