Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Get some Zest

Merry Christmas guys! 
Part of running a blog is regularly posting, and being busy is not an excuse! However I've just got back from holiday and it's christmas, so I think I should be let off. 
Hope you all had a great day yesterday.
Now I'm back on the blogosphere radar, I have quite a few posts up my sleeve which I'm sure you'll all enjoy! 
The first is about Zest Magazine.

You might of heard of it, you might even read it. If so, you'll know what to expect, if not, keep reading.

I got a free ad-in of Zest in Cosmo. 
Being on holiday, and running out of things to read, I started to scan the pages whilst lounging by the pool.
Described as a health and lifestyle magazine didn't much appeal to me and being a student means I don't exercise much, I drink too much, and I like pretty much all junk food over an apple any day.
However, the magazine's articles were so insightful.
One of which was about headaches (I get them regularly) which gave me a few more clues as to the causes, with solutions I could try. 
I'm also changing my diet to cut out carbs more (to help with my skin) and there were some great dietary articles about this and recipes to try. 
Being young and care free often means we don't think about the consequences of drinking as much as we should. One article really made me think about how to improve my drinking habits. 
That's what a good magazine does, makes you stop, read and continue reading as well as think about the content (usually so you buy it again next week). 
There were also great exercise tips, how to survive the winter blues and beauty care as well. 
Pretty standard stuff for a health and lifestyle magazine. 
But after reading this, I feel motivated to get healthier and do more to feel better. 
With New Years coming around quickly (urgh) it is a great chance to throw yourself into it for 2013. 
Desperately trying not to sound like a fitness advert and say a 'new you'. 
I don't think I've kept a resolution for more than a month, but regular reads of Zest should keep up the fitness and health levels as well as tips for revealing your new and improved self for the summer. 
(gag at cheesy ending).

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  1. I love reading zest, too! :)

    have an awesome last week of the year!



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