Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Handbag contains: My life

The usual mantra whilst emptying one's handbag and questioning it's purpose is 'just in case.'
I recall rooting through my mum's handbag as a child and wondering why there were used tissues and random mints rattling around in there. 
Even to this day I ask why she is putting 3 pairs of glasses, re useable carrier bags and a word search book in the depths of her leather friend and the answer will always be the same.
However it is always comforting knowing if I ask for any of these things, a good root around and sure enough my required object will be found. 

The mantra applies to many items within the handbag and  each useless stuffing adds to the weightiness of our prized accessory causing one's arm to ache. 
Despite our complaints, each object is clearly essential and therefore MUST be inside the handbag, you know, just in case. 

Not quite sure why I'm talking in a posh third persony type style but nevertheless,
HAPPY 2013 my lovely readers!
I know its late, and I have been slightly a-whol from the blogosphere (apologies again for the regularity of this) but I don't even have an excuse! just pure laziness. 

Anywhooo I'm back now, with a host of posts (teehee rhyming) to get this year started! 

As you can see, I am currently writing about what's in my handbag. 
This is probably the most unoriginal post I have ever done, as EVERYONE does this, but I felt like making a mood board, so why the heck not! 
Handbag Contains: My Life

Don't ask why there are splatters, I'm not sure I just thought they looked arty and framed the objects. There is no method to my madness!

The items are pretty self explanatory but here goes: 

An umbrella: 
I have actually been wondering around with two, because you never know when a friend might need one, especially in Manchester. 
Carmex: For the dry lips from the winter air. 
Gloves: urmm because it gets cold! fingerless, obviously. We still need to tap away on our phones when we're outside. 
A purse: I recently broke mine and have been on the hunt for a new one in the January sales, with no luck. 
Glasses: If you're blind like me, and wear contact lenses, these glasses come in handy when one contact lens slips out and falls on the floor, leaving you lopsided and having to remove the other one. Some sensible people just carry a spare pair of contact lenses. 
Some form of fizzy sugary drink: perfect for when you're feeling tired and need a pick me up. I'm a full fat coke girl, none of that diet stuff. 
Hand cream: regular moisturisation of your hands keeps them supple during the winter. It also gives you something to do when sitting down with your handbag next to you as well as making you look sophisticated and mature to others. "ohh yes I buy a special cream JUST for my hands." 
A watch: I do not know why this was in my bag, so its there 'just in case.' 
A notebook and several pens: This is always in my bag because of Uni, however you might really need to write something down, using more than one pen. 
Earphones: for the long walks/bus rides around the city, usually to uni. 
Some form of make up: in my case its usually foundation and mascara, for the blemishes and big eyes. 
An old phone: yet another mystery but I guess if I got mugged I could give them this as a decoy. 
Paracetamol: if a headache ever creeps up on you. I usually have 2/3 half empty packets in my mulbs somewhere. 

Anddd there you have it, the contents of my handbag. 
Many men don't understand it, but when do they understand anything about what we do. 
But whenever questioned, you know just what to say. 

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