Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Not in 'Canvas' anymore

On the search for a new bag (hence the 2nd bag post in a week) I came across the emerging 'IT-brand' Thursday Friday. The practical range of totes features 3 styles, (favourite-diamond, below) 3 sizes, a range of colours and a few extras, including some adorable fluffy iPhone cases and key rings. Run by Olena and Roni, they started out producing simple canvas tote bags with print-screens of luxury leathers and the range has grown from there. The pair have been described as an 'anti-status symbol' as well as 'witty' and 'controversial' for this supposedly uncourageous fashion statement as they describe the brand "we're inspired by consumerism, class, and iconography, but that doesn't mean we're putting out precious, abstract concepts." The collections are available to order from the website (subject to waiting list and the amount in $) or on ASOS, whichever way you do it, you'll be making a mark on your next food shop. 

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