Saturday, 28 January 2012

Candy Pastel Picks

Pale hues, candy tones?  In January? Surely not! We're simply too pale to be slapping on mint green, custard yellow and flamingo pink but sure enough the Pastel trend is alive and well with designers such as Nicole Farhi, Diane Von Furstenburg and (my personal favourite) Louis Vuitton portraying their versions and now its already on the high street just waiting for Spring to have sprung to snap up the best picks.
As per, I've been stalking the shops to get the low down on the best buys and here are just a few of my faves. I started at the top and found these gorgeous tutu inspired skirts by D&G, so if your feeling pretty get onto net-a-porter and bag yourself a ballerina look, although they come at a hefty £300-400 odd so be prepared to empty out that purse! 

For a more affordable take on the sweety style try Topshop (shorts £22) River Island (jumpers £30-35) and New Look (jeans £22.99) who have an excellent range of shorts, leggings and skirts with their 'Candy Shop Pop' trend. As well as my own finds, the yellow blouse is by glamourous which can be found in small boutiques around your area as well as this lilac cut off blouse in a vintage shop (£18)

In terms of accessories this trend has pastel shoes to spare spilling out of all the top high street shops in flats as well as heels, I chose these peachy Topshop boaties (£22) and these Patent Lilac Slippers from New Look (17.99), if your unwilling to fully endorse this dainty summer style then I'm sure there'll be some bags or jewellery along the way and if your too ashamed of your non-existent tan (like me!) to be buying these garments yet, then just opt for a nice nail varnish shade to get you going through the last of winter!

My best advice for this one is mix and match the different styles and colours and have fun doing it, because you can't go wrong with this one! 

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