Monday, 23 January 2012

Fancy-dress Fashionista

With the little black dress from 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' being slung into the V&A as well as the vintage movement climbing the charts in the fashion sector it was only coincidental that my best friends 21st was sixties themed which, being a fashion student, led to an explosion of inspiration! As much as I hate blogs about oneself, being a bit strapped for ideas, led to giving in with a 'how to' on stylish fancy dress for UNDER £15! who could resist?!
My first port of call was the style, hippy? mod rocker? chelsea girl? go go dancer? presidents wife?! I swiftly picked the Chelsea Girl style after rooting through a vintage shop and finding a yellow shift dress for only £8! I then started to work around this, Primark sale was a saviour with a little yellow patent bag which was £3. The fancy dress shop was the only way to complete the look with a peace necklace medallion for just £2.
Teamed all these with a brown belt, black dollies and bright pink/orange bangle I had lying around and Voila!
Hair and face next. Obviously needing big hair, I went for Jean Bardot (below) and consulted YouTube videos on how to achieve this (turns out back-combing is pretty self explanatory) and did a half up, half done with a few loose curls at the bottom. 
Next was the eyes, after attacking them with eye liner and white eye shadow for a good half an hour I achieved the twiggy-esque/Audrey eyes I was after, with a bit of inspiration taken from Chanel's 2009 Autumn show which was a bit O.T.T for me. 
I finished off with a pale pink lipstick from good old Barry M for £1.99.

Here is the finished look! I loved prancing around in this get-up, definitely think I was born in the wrong era!

So, there you have it, how to create a sixties fancy dress for under £15! Maybe you'll think twice about your next birthday theme? 

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