Monday, 30 January 2012

Karl doing 'KARL'

Just a few thoughts about Karl Lagerfield's new 'affordable' line KARL. Some words to describe this collection are a minimal, metallic, sequinned, biker-rock, monochrome with a hint of burgundy mixture of how Lagerfield would seem to dress if he were a woman, including his famous cut off leather gloves (sold out) and his signature white collar.
He describes his range in a Vogue interview, 'It's a graphic idea of what I like, what could be translated from me to girls," he explained. "It's very graphic; black and white, silver and grey. Chanel is me doing Chanel, Fendi is me doing Italy and this is me doing me, whatever that means.' Key pieces complete the collection including leather biker jackets, simple tee's,  jeans, blazers and jumpers (Favourites Below) and stylish garments with design features to reflect Karl's style such as the Tuxedo Jacket and Ruched dress (Above) both a perfect match with the sequinned collars. The styles and silhouettes make each piece easy to match to create the perfect overall look. 

 'Affordable' might be a bit of a  stretch but for those who are on a student budget there are a one or two simple garments that would look lush in the wardrobe as long as your willing to treat yourself.  I personally can only afford the canvas bag only £20! Unfortunately by the time I'd run upstairs grabbed my purse and come back down to pay it had sold out! I suggest if you fancy anything in this collection buy it now, I learnt the hard way. 
This review hasn't given the collection justice, theres just too much to love about it! In which case I strongly suggest you take a peek (Available at

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